Wednesday, January 26, 2011

let's talk about the weather.

sometimes i still get sad when i think of my old Utah life.
i miss all of my friends there terribly.
i miss all of my family there terribly.
i miss being close to everyone.
i miss Cafe Rio and Bajio and Zupa's.
i miss being able to drive an hour to have some warm black bean soup over white rice... and better yet, a warm hug from my favorite arms.
i miss having a dollar theatre...or a dollar anything.
i miss seeing those little steeples on every corner. and those temples on every bend.
i miss running into people i knew from my high school psychology class with Miss Coburn or from the street i grew up on since i was 10.
i miss that Utah life.
a whole lot.

but then, i have days like today...
where i started my morning with a run...
took the girls to the park to play with friends...
and had a picnic on a blanket in our backyard...all without wearing gloves, hats or puffy suits.

because it's 65 degrees outside.
you heard me, 65 degrees. in january.
i guess i could get used to this.

p.s. i'm so happy it's Wednesday. such good TV on Wednesdays. agreed? can't wait to chomp down my homemade oreos and sip on some diet 7 up while laughing at Phil Dunphy and some ridiculous American Idol auditions.



Megs said...

so jealous about the weather. not jealous about no zupas. & wednesdays are the best! hooray for modern family.

Jenny said...

your homemade oreos are the real deal!! thanks for sharing :) glad you had a fun day! this weather is definitely wonderful

The Peterson's said...

Amen! I am with you all the way! I miss everyone, and my family but like you the nice days here in LA make up for a lot!

Mike said...

and don't forget that BYU plays San Diego St. Only the most important game of the season :) Sounds like a fun day. Arizona has good weather too, but...who cares. wish I was there!

Jacki said...

oh how i miss cafe rio. that would have made park day perfect.

Amy W said...

I was crying at the last American Idol audition. Love Wed TV

Amber said...

Ok, I'm jealous.

Allie said...

Ah I love just about all of those things too...Cafe Rio, Bajios, Zupas, diet 7-up, Phil, American Idol, etc. I'm also pretty sure I would love those homemade oreos! I miss my home a lot too, but these sunny, 65 degree days certainly help. Hope you are having a good week!

{amy k.} said...

your little street misses you.

but i am sooo jealous of that weather!