Thursday, August 19, 2010

a table, a table, and another table.

oh, and some chairs, too!

that's what i've been up to the last few days...refinishing some of these lovely items.
i thought i'd show you their transformations...since i think they're kinda cool (i mean, turning old junk into new, cuter-looking junk is just too fun not to share).

exhibit a:

a kitchen chopper block table which looked like this:

well, i sanded it, painted it black, then distressed it...and put it in my door-way to act as a shoe-rack. behold, the black-distressed shoe rack:

pretty cool huh? i also like the little bottle of sunscreen in the left corner. nice.

exhibit b: the table with the most personality you ever saw, which started out as the saddest table you ever saw:

looked pretty nasty, eh? well, i sanded that baby down, gave it a nice few colors of white spray paint, and then gave it an antique glaze- which i learned how to do from the awesome Brooke at All Things Thrifty (one of my fave decorating/furniture refinishing blogs...go check it out. you'll love it too). i'm in love with the end results:

how cool is that!? i love it...and am still trying to find the perfect location for's room? maybe.

exhibit c:
the kitchen table our lovely friends, the Cunningtons gave us for a wedding gift...they got it for like $30 bucks at a garage sale...and trust me, we needed it then. we had NOTHING. well, this baby was well-loved- and i actually already somewhat refinished it a few years ago with my aunt and mom- we sanded the top and painted it a light light green, and then recovered the chairs to be what you see here:

not too shabby- but just a little too......generic for me. so! i decided to go for it and give this baby the makeover she needed. i was going to paint it black- but the red in our kitchen is very dark...and when i painted one of the chairs black, i was definitely not too pleased. so i went with white instead. wow. i love it. check it out (disclaimer: the photo's i took make the table look grey...i don't know why. i just couldn't get the coloring right. but here's the general idea):

it's definitely not perfect- painting something a solid white is HARD! a lot harder than i thought- but it was worth it because i love it. i especially love the yummy yellow fabric i got to recover my chairs...for $3.00 a heard me! THREE BUCKS! man, i love getting deals. way too much.

so what do you think!? do you have any projects you're working on? if not, go find something! it's so rewarding and fun.

anyway- doing all of this stuff is super exhausting, but oh-so-worth it. because i've got myself a whole bunch of new stuff for the cost of paint!...which isn't much isn't much at all.

next on my list:
toy trunk,
picture frames,
end tables...
and lots and lots of other stuff in my house that i randomly look at and think, "man, i should really paint that!" yeah, this is a pretty severe addiction i've found myself :)

hug to you all!



Ashley said...

Oh I miss decorating so much. I'm going to live vicariously through you for the next year. This all looks fabulous! You've got quite the design eye :) Loves.

jenny said...

love it all! i especially love the idea of a shoe rack/ entry table. we don't have space for one i don't think but we have plenty of shoes lying around that could use one of those!

I really need to get into that...sometime. like after i'm done reading breaking dawn :) my house is in serious need of a little more personality.

Adrienne said...

it's addicting. i started last fall. have fun.

The Hurst Family said...

Are you nesting already? I want to come and see your house. I bet it should be in the parade of homes.

Brandon and Sienna said...

those are so adorable. I can't believe you have the energy to do something like that, growing a baby is tough enough. It looks like we have girls due around the same time. So fun, wish I was still in California to visit!

Mel said...

It's all so cute-I wish I had your refinishing skills! How do you find the time??

Linda said...

I'm afraid your are going to paint Ellie one of these days! hahahaha Everything is awesome. Me encanta! Te felicito, que decoradora. De donde aprendistes tantas cosas hijita! Estoy muy orgullosa de ti! MUA! Besitos,

Becca said...

Love Love Love all of this. I want that front entry way table...bad. I've been looking everywhere for one, but they are so expensive. ugh. I need to look on craigslist again.

Ps. I can't believe how cute Ellie is with her backpack. She is so grown up, and I'm missing it. :(

Way to be cool friend, Love ya

{amy k.} said...

marce i love them all! i would be impressed normally... but i'm incredibly impressed knowing that you are prego and have a toddler to be with, and yet- still find time to create cool furniture! i've had a hutch, a dresser and a side table to refinish and have yet to start on any of them! but i'm excited for when i do!! can't wait to see more transformations! :)

Dave, Cadance and Family said...

They all turned out so cute!!

anne said...

I love it! AND I'm super jealous of the new shoe rack. I've been looking for something like that forever. Keep up the good work! :)

Becca said...

hi again. Just writing on your blog cause I I check it a ridiculous amount & was missing you! Hope your doing ok. I'm getting so excited that "the date" is fast approaching. I want to see that little girl!

miss ya

ps. Did you get the third book of the hunger games yet? I can't wait for nap time today :)

samia said...

thge tabels are great.. but i think thge black awesome table is slightly ruined by those shoes.. it an get a better treatment..