Tuesday, August 17, 2010

joy school.

oh gosh. i look at that picture and my heart just skips a little beat. is my kid really old enough to be having SCHOOL experiences already? what the?
so, it was her first day of school today.
joy school, that is.
it's only once a week, for a little over 2 hours- and it's a Co-Op, which means for four weeks, one mom runs the joy school, and then it's another mom's turn to run it.  it's basically ran the same way as nursery- play time, snack time, music time, lesson time, more play time, and lots of referreeing for the mama in charge :) and when it's not your turn to be in charge, you get a free 2 hour window to be toddler free, and do what your heart desires. today, my heart desired nothing fun: blood work and oil changes....but i promise you this: i will be shopping and pedicuring someday soon :)


it was so cute- Ellie woke up and knew it was "school" today (i've been talking it up, BIG TIME, to ease the transition...since Ellie and transitions do not mix well)- and so she went and found this little Tinkerbell backpack that my mom had given her for Christmas, which usually holds a bunch of her toys. well, she dumped out all the toys inside of it put a bunch of random stuff in it to take with us. there was a lip gloss (yes she has her own lip gloss...i got sick of her eating/destroying mine), a Mickey Mouse figurine, a necklace, a ponytail, and a comb (maybe she was planning on fixing her hair later?). don't you worry, i snuck all of her stuff out, and slipped in some diapers, wipes, a drink and a snack for the carride without her noticing. sneaky me.

well, once she had that thing on, she did NOT want to take it off. she loved that thing. i think it made her feel "big." and can i just say, she looked big! seriously. what happened to my baby?

so since she loved it so much, she was pretty dang upset when i told her she couldn't wear the back-pack in the carseat. wow, major melt-down...avoided only by Mickey Mouse Clubhouse + Snow White songs in the car. but don't you worry, she was sure to ask "where's my pack-pack, mama?" right when we got to our destination. and as the car stopped and i was getting out, i hear her little voice say, "Ellie wear pack pack now?"

so cute.
and she loved school.
she couldn't stop talking about it.
and still can't stop talking about it.
my little Ellie is growing up.



jenny said...

so cute! i remember those same feelings last year, except it took me about 3 weeks to get a good picture of Kate with her backpack because we are not so good at getting out the door quickly in the morning and Kate was usually crying a lot.

anyways, Ellie looks adorable and i have to admit i am quite jealous right now at how easily your little joy school came together! The one i'm trying to organize is a struggle. But that will be so fun for you to have some nice mommy time before the baby comes. you definitely should go get a pedicure one day.

Ashley said...

I love that red and black dress. Do they make them in adult sizes? She is absolutely adorable! I couldn't stop laughing at all the things she packed herself. haha! Hope all is well, love.

The Peterson's said...

So fun! I would love to do something like that with Cairo! It would help if we stayed in one place for more then 1 year.

Ashley Myntti said...

I cannot believe Ellie is in school! It was just yesterday that you came in to interview and she was still in your tummy! She is so adorable!

Megs said...

Those pictures are so darling! And what a fun break for you for awhile!

Linda said...

I am sniffling a bit myself! What a big day for your baby.... and for my baby!
She will turn into the Queen of Transition. Mark my words. You were so like her.... and school was like your home away from home. Learning was like a hobby to you.
She looked so beautiful and ready! Thank You for posting and sharing this milestone. You made me feel included in this important day. I am so glad she had fun. You are the best MOMMY in the world for her!

Amber said...

Oh so cute! It's great that you have good moms in the area that want to co-op like that. I'm driving my son to the other side of town to a private preschool, since that's all we could find. Bummer. Hope joy school is great!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, she is so cute all dolled up for school!!! You must be like me: first impressions are the most important :)

Miss you!

Dave, Cadance and Family said...

I can't believe how big she is getting!! They grow up so fast!! How is everything going??