Tuesday, August 10, 2010

i have a new hobby.

so it hit.
nesting mode, that is.
i've been going cuh---razzzzyy the last several days with the most random of random projects.
my most favorite project that i've adopted:
refinishing furniture.
it's so fun!
it's like magic.
though i do admit, it does give me a major crink my neck, and make me a little woozy from paint fumes.
but still.
transforming old, weird furniture into new-looking, matching, even CHIC furniture, is so cool to me.
some things i've refinished:
a little, tall, wobbly table with the most personality you've ever seen. (yes, furniture has a personality, as i've recently discovered).
a shelf/coat/hat hanger thingie.
a long, weird-like table which is now in our doorway as a shoe rack thingie.
a little bookshelf for Ellie's room.
and my most favorite (which i will show you very bad pictures of):
a dresser/shelf combo for baby girl-to-be's room.

so the dresser was a dresser that i used in MY room when i was a teenager.
but it was in good shape-and even though it was small, and in a weird yellow wood color that never matched anything, i never had the heart to get rid of it because i knew i could use it someday.
well, someday came.
i wish i had a good picture before..like when it was put together.
but this is the best i've got:

then several months ago, i bought this shelf off of craigslist for around $15 bucks thinking it would be cute as a bookshelf in Ellie's room if i ever got around to refinishing it. then M pointed out to me that it was really a desk/hutch/topper thing that wasn't a standing bookshelf at all. we almost got rid of it... at least 4 times.

this is the best before picture i have: (yes it is tilted on its side- i'll explain why in un minuto)

so i asked M...hey handyman of mine, maybe you could cut the bottom part off...so it IS just a shelf..and then we can hang it above the dresser? and of course he obliged. he loves his tools and any chance he gets to saw something.

so then i went to work.
i primed away.
and then i seriously used paint we already had.
like from our doors and baseboards...maybe i shouldn't admit that. but oh well.
i gave the stuff a few good coats of paint.
(don't want any chippin' going on).
and then i gave them an antique glaze...(you can glaze too- it's so easy! learn how here)...to make them sorta shabby chic-ish. because baby-girl-to-be's room will be shabby-chic- inspired by lilacs.
and this is how they finished up:
(now, don't judge the horrible pictures. i know they're horrible, ok? but i couldn't wait a second longer to show them to you. and lighting in a dang garage is tricky. i promise to show better pictures someday soon...like when the room is actually painted and put together...but for now, this is the best reveal you and me are gonna get).


you like?
don't be too harsh.
i am just a rookie.
(and i'm thinking about changing the mismatched knobs (though full of character) to be all black...to enhance the glaze... i think the mismatched would be cute for a play room...but not as cute for a nursery..........thoughts? )
maybe i like 'em so much just because i spent so much time on them.
but i'm in love.
and i can't wait to set them up...and to actually give this baby the love and decor she deserves :)

next up:
kitchen table.
wicker toy trunk.
any other random treasure i can find to put lots of gobs of paint on.

one word of caution:
refinishing furniture is addicting.
so is checking craigslist.

oh, and one more little thing:
i love coming in from the garage...taking horrible furniture pictures...only to find my little Ellie like this, coloring her little heart + soul out, as if her life depended on it:

melts my heart into a big pile of goo.



jenny said...

i LOVE them!! i have been trying so hard to push my decorating bug aside so i don't go crazy spending money, but those look awesome and i might just have to indulge myself with a little young house love now!

i am always scared i'm going to spend all that time sanding and painting and then end up with something i don't even like. it's happened to me several times actually. so i am so happy that your stuff looks so cute! i have to admit i'm a teensy bit jealous :)

The Fredy Family said...

I love them! Keep the knobs. So cute!

Miss Morgan said...

I love the mismatched knobs! So cute! Keep them!

Linda said...

Fantastico! WoW! I am totally, honestly impressed. That saw looks amazing. Mike! YOu're amazing! Marci.... the knobs are so cute! Very Mary E. which I love... timeless and they remind me of YOU! I have M.E paintings/frames I can bring if you ever want them! Lucky baby girl! I am very, very, very proud of you! Besitos... and take a relaxing bath!

Linda said...

Ellie is a doll! I love that she loves to color and is so girlie! I miss her!

Megs said...

Fantastic! I admire people who do this to furniture...cabinets...etc...People are so clever & crafty & scrappy. I want to be more like you! I do have big plans for some of my current furniture...but...?!? I don't know what I'm waiting for! Great job - I think they look fantastic!

The Gatchell Crew said...

OH MY GOSH!!! SUPER SUPER SUPER CUTE! I LOVE the mismatched knobs, they make it look so unique & special. You did a FABULOUS job, I love them. They are going to look amazing in the new babies room. They go well with her name, LOVE IT! I can't wait to see the finished product all together, going to be FAB!! See ya Mare :)

Jana and Christopher said...

I love the dresser and bookshelf! I'd vote for matching knobs, but your current ones are pretty cute. Wish I could get the refinishing love. I always end up making my mom help/do it for me. I guess I'm not good enough yet.

The Hurst Family said...

You're amazing. I think you could do anything. I wish you would come to Utah for a few weeks and strip, sand, paint and stain all my mismatched furniture and make my house as cute as yours. Miss you.

anne said...

So, I am TOTALLY doing this too! My nesting has NOTHING to do with cleaning...but I guess it is getting the house ready for little girl to come home too. So, it works. I just did the girls room and since Jace is leaving again this week...Xander's room in just itching to be done. Maybe this will teach my husband to leave all the time. ;)

Shiree said...

They are beautiful!! You did a great job!!