Tuesday, November 10, 2009

a stew post

what's a stew post, you ask?
funny, M just asked the same thing.
here's our convo 2.5 seconds ago:

m: you bloggin?
me: mmm hmmm
m: what are you bloggin' about?
me: stew.
m: who's stew?
me: not the person...
m: the food?
me: mmm, not really the food either.
m: hmm. that's random.

and it is. kinda random. let me elaborate:

you know how stew is usually the meal you make when you don't know what else to make...and you have lots of random ingredients that would otherwise go unused so you throw them all together in one giant pot and hope the flavors fuse together ok to make something slightly tasty (whoa...longest run-on sentence ever)??

well, tonight this post is going to be like that. a stew post, if you will. because...i have lots to say...lots of random thoughts. some that go together, most that don't....so i'm just gonna throw them out there, stir 'em up real good, and hope that the flavor is slightly tasty to keep you dipping that spoon back in and slurping it up.

ingredient #1:
Ellie is big. she's a full-blown toddler now- yelling during sacrament meeting, dumping out snacks at target, laughing just because everyone else is laughing, dancing all day every day, saying tons of new words a mile a minute, and even singing "twinkle twinkle." my favorite new thing that she does is come up to me when she sees me putting some piece of clothing on, like a sweater, and she comes, fans it out, and says "cuuuuuuuttteee!" what a girly girl she is. she melts my heart.

ingredient #2:
did you know there are only 44 days till Christmas?? 44! i'm so excited to actually be THOUGHTFUL about our gift-giving this year. usually i'm so busy with school or this thing or that other thing that i don't get to be as thoughtful with the gifts i give as i would like to be. but i'm not so busy these days anymore (whoa, i'm finally coming clean). so! i've been thinking about gift-giving....and geesh. please tell me, does anyone else struggle with getting gifts for dads & hubby's as much as i do?? HELP.

ingredient #3
i've been kinda bummed out lately. you see- we just found out we aren't going to be able to move into our house until January. there are lots of frivolous details on the why's and how-comes that i won't expound upon...and i guess i've just been super bummed out because i reeeaaalllyyy wanted to decorate and set up our new place for Christmas. silly, i know. what's the big deal? it's just a couple more months of waiting. but, even though i'm bummed about it, i truly feel blessed to have M's parents, who so generously are allowing us to take over every nook and cranny of their once-clean house. i don't know what we would do without them!

ingredient #4
i'm doing the ultimate "mom" thing these days...
i'm getting into COUPONING. ahhhh. what a scary word. i actually went and bought a binder today to help me get them all organized. i'm really excited. anyway, i just had to tell you guys about this website that i've been using a ton lately. it's called hip2save.com. it is AWESOME. she is amazing- and posts all sorts of deals on her blog. she even posts how-to videos and stuff. i've found some truly amazing deals the last little bit (for example, i bought the Blue-Ray Up and Monster's Inc today for $14.00 total....thats like $7.00 a DVD!). anyway, i know that i shouldn't be so excited about cutting paper, but i am. do you have any great couponing sites you'd like to share? let me know.

ingredient #5
i am so grateful for television. i know i am super shallow to admit this, but i don't really care. i love having something fun to look forward to watching. the Office has been HILARIOUS this season- last week's episode made me laugh out loud at moments. and Glee- wow. i have the songs on repeat on my iPod. then there's SYTYCD-- i already have my faves. and my current fave: House. this has been my favorite season of House so far. i love this rennovated version of Gregory House.

ingredient #6
has anyone noticed how google has been doing sesame street icon stuff all week? i love google. they're so original. and creative. makes me wish i was more creative. and original.

ingredient #7
i just walked away from putting Ellie down for a nap. as i was walking to the door, she stood up, looked at me and said "yuv you." i cried.

ingredient #8
i finally received my teaching certificate in the mail. i cried again.

ingredient #9
Ellie goes into nursery in four Sundays. i will cry every Sunday until then...and then i will probably cry again...but those tears may or not be tears of joy. those of you with kids understand :)

ingredient #10
it's been 2 weeks since a young man in my family's neighborhood committed suicide.
2 friends of ours have recently been diagnosed with cancer.
i feel like i keep having reminders lately how invincible we may feel...yet how temporary, and precious this life is. each day is a gift. it truly is. having a healthy body is a gift. waking up to a new day is a gift. sure, crappy things happen. gas might get sprayed in your face. or you may have to move away from your family, friends, loved ones, and your home. or maybe you got in a fight with your spouse. or maybe you aren't your ideal weight. but then these more serious tragedies happen around you- and you realize- i'm being so frivolous. finding joy in today is essential- because i don't know (nordoes anyone else, for that matter) how many today's i have left...and i'm determined to leave this earthly place with joy & love in my heart. and for people to know that i was joyful and loving, too.

ingredient #11
this past weekend was Stake Conference here.
did you know that members in Northern California are lucky enough to have their stake conference on the Temple Grounds? isn't that a-maz-ing?? it was so neat to be on the Temple Grounds for a Sunday meeting like Stake Conference. nothing brings peace like the Temple.

and so, on that peaceful note, i will end my stew post.
it was a random stew.
sometimes they end up that way.
thanks for listening, and slurping up my randomicity today.
oh, and one last ingredient, for good flavor....
i love you, blogging world.



Kristy said...

I loved your stew post. Sometimes you just have a lot to say and nowhere really to say it. Sorry about your house--I can understand wanting to decorate for Christmas, but now you have a whole year to plan the ultimate Christmas decorating experience! Little E is too cute for words!

Amber said...

DE-licious. TV is one of my best friends right now, as sad as that truly does sound.

Mat and Brooke said...

That was the most delicious bowl of "stew" I've ever had. Really! Thanks for that. You are the best at writing your ideas and feelings down. What a gift you have for that. :)

Megs said...

I hope you know (and I secretly think that you do) that you have the best blog posts. Every time I see something from you in my google reader, I am excited to read it. You have such a cute family & such insightful thoughts. This was a great stew :) (and I'm not a big fan of stew).

Jeff and Whitney said...

Yummy stew darlin. You should make it more often. Some of those thoughts are just like many of mine. Thanks for sharing!

Linda said...

I love a good stew!
I also enjoy wittty randomness. I am terrible at it. But I admire it and ride on other's coat tails to get the humor and "lift" from it all.
MIMI and I watched SEnse and SEnsibility.... again! for the 100th time . I love getting lost in a good show. LOVE the Ellie pictures and stories of what she says and does. I can close my eyes and picture her saying and doing those things. Please give her kisses from her Gammy. I love you Marci. I really do. Very Much. And that is that!

Jana and Christopher said...

I have to tell you that you're as creative as Google--a "stew" post! And, as for Christmas for men, especially your man this year, you could get him stuff he'll need for the new house. Aka: a ladder, tools, etc. Good luck!

Ashley said...

This stew was exactly what I needed. Much love.

The Peterson's said...

Cairo went to nursery for the 1st time last week. I teared up because he just walked in and shut the door behind him and said bye! How sad that he did not even care I was leaving him. But he had a great time and was excited to see me when I picked him up.

Courtney said...

I'm having a hard time figuring out what to get husband, brothers and dad for christmas too. I struggle with them every year.

mere/tay(xoxo) said...

slurpidy slurp slurp goodness.

Emily and Hyrum said...

hello girl! I decided to check on you guys. I'm sorry about the house but I'm excited for you too (in Jan.) I understand the randomness. I feel like that too a lot. I think I have to put a link of your blog on mine so I can read your random thoughts :) and of course look at miss cutie.

Becca said...

Can I just say that I wanted to comment about every "ingredient" you wrote about?!! I thought that might be slightly dull and boring for you so I just wanted to say how much I love your little family. Imagining Ellie saying "luv you" just about made ME cry. I can't wait for that with Bryant. I wish I had your talent for writing. I didn't want your list to end because I just loved it so much.

Yummy stew.

Ps. wish I was flying out to California this weekend. Travis is leaving on a "motorcycle man-cation" with my dad and brothers. I'm left with a very angry teething baby. ugh.

The Hurst Family said...

I love stew!

Celeste Miller said...

Mmmmmm I loved the stew :)
Me and my spoon will be back for more

jenny said...

stew posts are my fave! ellie is such a little doll. okay we need to talk couponing sometime. my two favorite deal blogs are thekrazycouponlady.com and dearsavvyshopper.blogspot.com. i have dabbled in the coupons some but haven't gotten really good at it.

C and C said...

Oh my word Marci, that post was AWESOME! I love that you cry... because I cry ALL THE TIME and my husband calls me a crybaby. I am also glad you mentioned #10. I needed a reminder! Thanks!!

Savannah said...

That was really yummy...and filling, in the soul corners type of filling way. Shanks!

Shaylynn said...

I loved this post Marci. You have a wonderful heart. You move me.