Saturday, September 26, 2009

the walnut festival

went to the walnut festival this weekend.

been hearing about it for quite some time now. basically, it's a really cute (and outrageously expensive) carnival that makes its way to walnut creek, ca every september, every year. people around here pride themselves on the walnut festival.

i'm not gonna lie: i was expecting walnuts. you know- walnut tasting, maybe some walnut syrups, walnut cupcakes, walnut cookies. but as luck would have it: there weren't any walnuts at the walnut festival. not a single one. just carni's (a term i just learned this weekend), cotton candy, carousels, balloons, and expensive games for cheap prizes.

oh, and don't you forget the fun.
the festival was lots and lots of fun!

ellie especially loved the red balloon she got for free at one of the booths.
i guess we could've just gotten a red balloon at the nearby drug-store.
but that wouldn't have given us half as cute of pictures.
and, i'm obsessed with cute pictures.
but you already knew that :)

hope you're enjoying your weekend!



Linda said...

Oh! So Cute. I love her with her balloon! A carnival is a delightful thing for the little ones. Thank Goodness there wasn't a clown. You guys would cry if you saw a clown! It's been an OK weekend. The offer on the house was declined. We are a little bummed. Ok. A lot bummed but as MIMI would say: It was not meant to be. They are actually considering taking it off the market . I think I would do the same if I could afford that. It really was a beautiful house. Sean and Court are here. It's awesome to have Rosalie delighting us with her smiles. Wish we had Ellie's too! Hugs and Kisses.

Amy said...

Love carnivals! :) That reminds me of the Brentwood CornFest... I think it's past this year already, but you wont want to miss it next year! (At least the 9 year old me LOVED it!)

wish i was your neighbor to go to the festival with you!

Jarom and Amber said...

OH how adorable! This is just like Peach Days (which is celebrated in Brigham City.. only there are actual peaches and peach cobbler there.) I even recognize the ride in the background.. I'm pretty sure they were here just a couple of weekends ago. It looks like you had lots of fun! :)

Joni and Rico Adams said...

You say you never win anything eh? Well my friend you won on Dari's (A day in the life.blogspot) giveaway! She gave away one of her lovely headbands! Looks like things are lookin up for you sweets!! Congrats.

Marci + Dan said...

Carnivals are always so great. I do wish though that they were a little more authentic and 'home town' feel (i.e. walnut inspired). Some of the exact same booths were in the Catskills, NY. I want to see this factory where they crank out these 'cotton candy' booths, etc. I know it's out there...