Monday, September 28, 2009

things with alotta hype

oh hi,
it's me.

i'd like to introduce you to my new addiction:

meet dorothy (the newest way to lose my brain, become lost to the real world, and any interaction with humans...and still be completely a.o.k. because she is just that cool):

{and yes, i'm also addicted to playing with the photobooth feature on my computer. sorry about that}

and so it was that i caved into the technology hoopala and hype.
i got an iPhone (happy early birthday to me!)...and i named her Dorothy.

quite frankly, i don't get what all you haters are talking about.
this thing is a-mazing.
incredibly addicting.
and just plain cool.

and i secretly want to disappear and play with it all day long.

and sometimes i do.

so what apps can't i live without? i know i've asked this here once and on i'm sorry if my multiple questioning is getting annoying...but i'd really like to know. i want to get the most out of this 4 inch machine.

one that someone recommended to me is Twitter. now, i have a twitter account. but i don't really get what the hype is about twitter. i don't really get how it would be useful to me. like, why would i want to know what ryan seacrest is doing or where he is? i mean, he's cool and all, and i'm the first to admit and confess that american idol is one of my favorite shows...but do i really want to know what he's eating for dinner?
enlighten me on this twitter fad, please.

while i'm on the subject of hyping things up, there's been alotta hype about trader joe's. i've been in trader joe's once like a bazillion years ago...and don't remember anything about it. i mean, it kinda sounds like a souped up cow-boy gear store that also has fishing poles, saran wrap, and mustard. people keep telling me, "you're so lucky to live close to a trader joe's. i love that place." but then they scurry off and forget to tell me what's so great about it. so, tell me about this trader joe's phenomenon. what makes it so darn special? what's all the hype??

and now, i'd like to make a whole lotta hype about his gal: Dari, who has an Etsy headband shop here. she just held a giveaway on her blog...and i guess what goes around comes around because yours truly WON! i never win anything (i know, i know, how cliche) so i feel very, extremely, hyped-up-excited. i love all of her adorable lil headbands. i'm deciding between this one:

this one:

and this one:

i need help choosing.
what are your thoughts?
i'm leaning towards the first one...
or maybe one of the others listed in her shop here...
i stink at committing to choosing consumer products..unless it's the iPhone.

and we've come full circle.

soooo, i think i've shared enough hype with you for one day
i look forward to your knowledge and wisdom, as always.



Courtney said...

I like the silver headband. I don't get the twitter thing either, I just got an account to see what it was about. And I have never been to trader joe's. Can't wait to see you!!!

Joni and Rico Adams said...

I'm so jealous! I NEED an iphone. Not even want one. NEED. I saw on my brothers there is this app for running and working out I think you would love. It tells you how many MPH you're going, you're heart rate and mileage and then another app tells you reps of workouts and whatnot. The possibilities are endless really.

And Dari. Don't you love her creations? And you support a fellow Utahn so woo hoo!

I personally like the pinwheel one at the fist. You would fabulous in any of them!

Thank you, or boo to you for making me covet the iphone more than I already do.

Amy said...

Lucky you! I've never thought much about the iphone... but i LOVE my mac, so I'm sure I would love it! Now you made me think I might want one! :)

I don't get the twitter thing either... I don't have an account, so for me to say I don't get it is probably like someone saying they don't like pizza but they've never eaten pizza. anyways- facebook and blogs is enough for me...

and trader joes, I've been there once. I bought some good vitamin C there. haha Don't know what all the hype is about that either, but seeing as I've only been there once and don't remember it very well- again, I'm not the best to say.

I love those headbands- and congrats to you for winning! That's so exciting! I think I like the first one best too... but I think it depends on how big those flowers are.

I hope you are loving California! I love you!

oh, and ps- the naked popsicles are delicious!

The Fredy Family said...

Marci - I do 75% of my grocery shopping at Trader Joe's. If there was one closer than 30 miles away I would do 95% of it there. It is considered to be one of the least expensive places to buy groceries. So those of us who have to budget love Trader Joe's. They have their own brand for just about everything and it is all amazing. Go in there one day (early am) with no baby and cruise the isles. You will love it!!! If you need any suggestions just let me know, I could give you a 2 page list. :-)

Linda said...

Who is modeling one of the headbands?
I am confused about a lot of things.... twittering, electronics devices... and now... this headband model.
I think Trader Joes is fantastic. It's an afordable health food store, sort of... and they carry unusual products, beautiful seasonal flowers at a reasonable cost. I am excited to shop there when we are in Ca. They carry the best merengues too.
Marcio you crack me up. Congratulations on your iphone.
It's awesome to get new toys.
Can't wait for you to come home, one last time before the move. Besitos!

Mel said...

The iPhone will change your life. Period. And you will never be able to go back to anything else. Ever Again. I love mine-Shawn is obsessed with his. They are just so convenient! Congrats!

P.S. We were married July 2007...and yes, it is totally random that WE got married. Hahaha.

P.P.S. I don't get Twitter...and I have never heard of Trader Joes...and I like the middle head band best.

erin 'n phil said...

yes, the iPhone is amazing!!! I've had mine over a year, and still IN LOVE with it.

mere/tay(xoxo) said...

hi cute marci....
you don't want to talk to me about technology cause i'm kind of a hippie. if it were up to me, i would do all my shopping in little market places, visit all of my friends personally or write hand-written letters, and have a zillion books with artistic hard covers that i could love and hold. i guess i should have been born like 100 years ago.
ok now trader joes.....the very reason why i wish i could live there could quite possible be my obsession with trader joes!! i lived walking distance from it when i was there and ate exclusively and religiously from there and only there. if you like organic food and want it cheap...well there you go. support earth friendliness with joe!!! woo woo!!
the first headband for sure...

Ryan Rose said...

- I love the iPhone. I had mine stolen this spring and have never stopped feeling like I lost a limb. A limb that allowed me to read the New York Times on the train and look up restaurants open after 1 a.m. I will probably get a new one this month, actually. Just make sure to keep a close eye on those things, they have hella street value!

- I like Twitter. (I am @ryanroseweaver, obvs.) The trick is to be picky about the folks you follow - then when you read your feed it's all fun and useful information organized in realtime. Like Facebook but with less noise and stupid info about which Harry Potter character you are. I also use it to shoot in-jokes to my friends, post useful articles I'm reading or songs that I'm loving for all my friends to see, let the my social network know when I'm headed to an event in case people want to meet up there, and ask questions of my people when I'm researching articles (i.e. "where can I buy sustainable seafood in Boston?"), aka crowdsourcing. It might not be as useful if I weren't a journalist constantly on the hunt for useful information and constantly moved to pass that information along immediately, but I still think it's fun just for joking around with friends. You don't have to overthink it - just play with it.

- Simply put, I would not be able to live the way I do, as a mostly-vegetarian pescetarian, without Trader Joe's. TJ's is hands down the cheapest place to pick up vegetarian staples (hummus, tofu, soymilk, nuts, beans, protein bars, Emergen-C, pseudo-ethnic foods, canned soup), and they actually taste good. (Well, okay, the TJ's brand soymilk leaves something to be desired.) Whole Foods actually has way higher environmental standards for their food (TJ's has been criticized for flying in fruits from halfway around the world when a local source exists, and carrying endangered fish from overfished regions). And really the most environmentally friendly way to get your food is directly from a local farmer via a community-supported agriculture (CSA) share or farmer's market -- which is so much easier and more delicious in SF than almost anywhere else in the US since you have CUESA and the Ferry Plaza Market! But when it comes to picking up all the yummy things you use to make WITH your lovely fresh produce, from salad dressings to Greek yogurt to rice wine vinegar to frozen edamame, TJ's is the place to get it for cheap! So yeah, if you want recos for the products I cannot live without (and you'll find your own if you shop there regularly), holler at me!


Lynne said...

So Marci, I saw you wearing that cute headband, but I had no idea that you won it. Congratulations! I know how cool that must be because I have never won anything. Way to go.