Wednesday, September 30, 2009

getting reacquainted

i think i may need to reintroduce you to this little person:

meet Elizabeth.

we call her Ellie around here.

you see, with all of this house hunting (which ended TODAY!...yes, we bought a house...details coming soon), moving, site-seeing, stressing, relaxing, and playing, i've neglected updating you on my little Ellie's life the last few weeks.

well, let me get you two reacquainted...because my blog is a lot cooler with her in it.

Ellie is a long + lean 15 month old, who looovvvves elmo. she kisses elmo. she hugs elmo. she lets elmo have some of her drink. she loves watching elmo on the big t.v. she loves to dance when elmo sings. elmo is her one and only true love.

Ellie also loves making animal sounds. she would look at pictures of animals all day long, telling you every animal sound to go along with it. i found this iPhone app that allows her to push on the animal and it makes the sound. it's cute for the first 20 seconds...but you see, she wants to do it for like 20 hours straight. she'll see my phone and say "anmal" for animal...meaning, "mom, pull out the animal sounds now, wouldya?" sometimes, i do...and then i fall asleep because there's only so much a mama can take.

Ellie also loves real life animals. as soon as we go outside, she says "tat" (for cat) and looks everywhere for the kitty named Twinkle that lives here. the thing is, Twinkle is kinda mean. she doesn't really like to be petted or touched for that matter. but Ellie chases her anyway, and incessantly tries to give her kisses.

Ellie loves to eat gogurt more than anything else. she'd eat a gogurt every 10 minutes if i'd let her. she also loves cheese and crackers...still loves to chomp on edamame, peaches, corn, and goldfish crackers...and drinks about a gallon of apple juice each day. we are convinced her little belly is full apple juice.

Ellie has turned into a little monkey...climbing all over everything and getting into anything and everything in sight. her latest favorite places to climb into or onto include: the kitchen table, one of the fancy chairs in g+g's fancy room, the stairs (which i hate), and the kitchen cabinet. she's such a cute little squirt, she can squeeze her little diaper bum all the way into this little teenie cupboard. it's pretty cute...for like 5 seconds until she realizes she's stuck and slightly claustrophobic. funny monkey ellie.

Ellie surprises me with how girly she is. she loves to wear her necklaces, loves putting on sunglasses, loves holding my lipglosses, and loves shoes. we were at a really cute lil jewelry store today that also had shoes.....and of course, she starts pulling out all these sexy heels and tries to put them on her feet. how does she know this stuff so young?

(the pic's below were taken on our shopping trip today with my phone...sorry about the poor quality, but i thought they were too cute not to share).

Ellie loves books. but you already knew that. she most recently loves elmo books. but you probably could've guessed that too.

Ellie most recently likes to color and draw. i love how she can just scribble her heart out on my phone. i love how i can then save them...i've always been excited to hang my kids' art work on my fridge. i guess for now, my blog is my pseudo-fridge for ellie's artwork:

Ellie is a petite little thing...just yesterday, she graduated from a size 3 diaper to a size 4....she'd been in a 3 since she was 6 months! crazy thing. i'm in love with her cute lil shape...which is not so much a baby shape anymore...but a toddling little girl shape. still, she's got her little right above the i just love to tickle and squeeze those knees....and still wanna bbq her and eat her up. mmmmm delicious.

After a full day, Ellie needs her beauty sleep....a beautiful 12 hours of sleep. you see, while she is extra fun, extra sweet, and extra adorable...she also is extra exhausting. i never knew what it would be like to chase a little person around all day. i guess it's way better than i imagined it would be...but also way more tiring. so around 8 pm every night, she conks out like a light bulb....and i do too.

if you haven't met lil Ellie, you need to. she's feisty, funny, cute, smart, curious, lovely, and spunky.
basically, she's your typical toddler :)

a typical toddler who is very, very loved by her mama and dada.



Ashley said...

I'm in love with this child. Can I meet her soon?! So adorable.

Megs said...

I love the Ellie update! What a darling post!

Linda said...

I don't know what I would do without these updates. I feel connected to you all and it makes the separation less painful. So " GRacias!" because I love to see the cute pictures of YOU, MIKE, and our precious Ellie. She is adored by all of us!!! Hugs, Kisses and tickles.

Lea Tame said...

We miss little miss! Hopefully maybe one day we'll be able to reunite??!! Love you!

The Peterson's said...

Cute Ellie what would we do with out those bright lights in ife!

Becca said...

Cute Ellie girl. I think about her laughing on our front porch and it makes me smile. She is such a smart, cute, fiesty little girl. I wonder if she will remember "bubba" or not.

Love ya!

Ashley Myntti said...

She is growing up so fast! She is such an adorable cutie. Talk to you soon!

Erika said...

She is sooo cute!

Jons and Celeste Leigh said...

She's so cute! Does she like to Elmocize? The kids I babysit really love it.

Mat and Brooke said...

You bought a home! Oh, how excited I am for you all! I can't wait to hear more about it, Marce. Congratulations.
I love Ellie, too. I don't think most people could say they actually "love" a child they've never even SEEN, but she's definitely one. She is a dolly. :) Thanks for sharing so much about her with makes me smile.