Friday, September 25, 2009

giftcard giveaway winners

i've been so excited to announce my winners for my giveaway, i can hardly stand it.
i have to give you a "thumbs up" (hence the picture) for all of your awesome comments and for choosing to follow me! you're the best.
my one regret is that i can't give something to all of you, my readers, my followers, my friends.
if i had my own show (like ellen's or oprah's) called "marci" i would have all of you be my live studio audience- and i'd give you all giftcards, dvd's, cd's, and make-up. yes, lots and lots of make-up.
but unfortunately i don't have my own show.
and so winners had to be picked.
thank goodness for
so that i didn't have to be the picker. (picking is so un-lady like, anyway).

drumroll please:
announcing my giftcard giveaway winners!!!

1. Nat
2. Lovers
3. Jons and Celeste Leigh
4. Amy
5. Kade & Jess
6. Tiffany Johnson
7. Amber
8. Andi and Scott
9. Anne
10. Lisa Johnson
11. Hilary
12. Lovers
13. Anne
14. Mat and Brooke
15. Lea Tame
16. Michelle
17. Candace
18. Nat
19. Joni and Rico Adams
20. Under the Oaks
21. Rachel
22. Amy
23. Kade & Jess
24. The Oldham's
25. Miss Morgan
26. Andi and Scott
27. Mat and Brooke
28. Jaci
29. Jenna
30. Amy
31. Stephanie
32. Jaci
33. Heidi
34. The Oldham's
35. Kade & Jess
36. Rachel
37. Andi and Scott
38. Hilary
39. Jenni
40. Elysia
41. Amber
42. Heidi
43. The Peterson's
44. Jaci
45. Stephanie
46. Ju and Brack
47. Clay and Jenna
48. Elysia
49. Danielle
50. The Oldham's
51. Ed and Kelli
52. Under the Oaks
53. The Peterson's
54. Lali Johnson
55. Clay and Jenna
56. Kristi
57. Ju and Brack
58. Lali Johnson
59. Tiffany Johnson
60. Miss Morgan
61. Stephanie
62. Lovers
63. Jen
64. Miss Morgan
65. Jen
66. Nat
67. Amber
68. Tiffany Johnson
69. Jons and Celeste Leigh
70. Becca
71. Jarom and Amber
72. Mat and Brooke
73. Clay and Jenna
74. Jons and Celeste Leigh
75. Michelle
76. Rachel
77. Ed and Kelli
78. Becca
79. Danielle
80. Linda
81. Anne
82. Lisa Johnson
83. Candace
84. Lisa Johnson
85. Ed and Kelli
86. Danielle
87. Lali Johnson
88. Lea Tame
89. Jenni
90. Jarom and Amber
91. Alesa
92. Jen
93. Hilary
94. Becca
95. Ju and Brack
96. Joni and Rico Adams
97. Elysia
98. Under the Oaks
99. Jarom and Amber
100. Jenni
101. Joni and Rico Adams
102. Alesa

i wanted to show you the whole list so that you would know that ALL of your comments were accounted for, and that it was completely random!
so, this means that Nat- you are the winner of the Coldstone Giftcard
Lovers, you are the winner of the Barnes & Noble Giftcard
and Jons & Celeste Leigh- you are the winner of the Nordstrom giftcard!

i will be emailing you all today- and would appreciate it if you got back to me by Sunday with your address so i can mail you your goods. if you don't get back to me before then, i will announce an alternate winner.

to everyone else, i love you.
does that make you feel uncomfortable and awkward to hear those three words from me?
well, sorry if it does.
but i do.
i love you, my little blogging world.

i promise to do another giveaway soon. i love giveaways. and i always want to win one myself.
if you have some stuff you'd like me to giveaway (tee hee) let me know...i'd be happy to take it off your hands. :) if not, no worries- i have some ideas up my sleeve. get excited.

again, thanks for reading. sending you all a kiss hug kiss hug!



Lovers said...

Yay!! I am so excited! Thanks for having such a fun blog to read :) Happy Friday!!

Jons and Celeste Leigh said...

Mmmm I love you! I'm so excited!

Tiffany Johnson said...

DANG IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So close...

Jill said...

Dang. That's what I get for being behind on your blog. Congrats to the winners!

Kade & Jess said...

After entering your giveaway I couldn't help but ponder over my favorite memories of you....while I could go on for quite a while the two that stand out the most would have to be: 1) you in Jr. High and those awesome bell-bottom pants you had. 2) you and I, lagoon uniforms, fries, and of course nacho cheese! Just thought I would share!

Mat and Brooke said...

Hey Jess, what about the lime green jansport backpack with Marci's artwork and colorful beaded pins all over it?? ...Or slamming her arm through the school bus window at that boys basketball game when we were in junior high at FJH? (which wasn't funny AT ALL then, but it kind of is now...) You can definitely blame THAT one on the Latin blood, Marce!

The Hurst Family said...

Please join facebook and be my friend. I love blogging and never thought I would like facebook, but have since decided both are a great way to keep up with friends and family. If you are already on facebook, please be my friend. Love you tons. RaeAnn

Dari said...

Oh man, I wish I would've seen your blog sooner, what a great giveaway!!!

But on to the good news... YOU won my GIVEAWAY!!! YAY! Just email the headband you want and your shipping info to!! CONGRATS! :)