Thursday, September 24, 2009

thursday thinkings and thoughts

{me with my thinking cap on}

yes, i'd like to introduce yet another segment on my blog.
you see, i have lots of thoughts and thinkings.
some things are things i may need advice on. because i know we all have expertise and opinions on differing things. and i'd like to get some of that expertise. so i'm gonna ask for it.
some things are just things that i wonder, am i the only one who has ever thunk this? (for example: do you ever want to say thunk instead of thought? i like the word thunk so much...even though it's not even a real word).
and other things...are just thinkings and thoughts that have no rhyme or reason.
i'd like to share some of these thinkings and thoughts with you.

i've been thinking a lot about my lil monkey ellie. you see, she's growing at an exponential rate- and learning even faster. i think about her all the time...and i know i scrutinize every little teensie weensie thing that she does or doesn't do. i try not to. but i do. one thing i worry about is the way she interacts with other kids. usually, they'll approach her- and she'll wack them in the face like "can't you see my bubble? you're intruding. popping the bubble. step away." which leads me to another worry: she wacks people, including me, when she's mad. i wouldn't be so shocked by it if it wasn't in context the way it usually is.
for example:
"ellie, we can't watch elmo right now."
WACK across the face.
"ellie, it's time to get out of the bath."
hysterical WACKS flying in the air to not get out of the tub.
and don't even get me started on the tantrums...yes, rolling on the floor. whimpering. whining when she doesn't get something she wants.
i thought these things weren't supposed to start till they were two? am i justified in worrying? or am i being over-protective, paranoid, and annoying?

i've also been thinking about how much i want to be casted on "what not to wear" or "how do i look" or some other TLC show like that so that i can feel justified in getting rid of all of my teen-bopper clothing in exchange for a stunning new wardrobe. i think about wanting new clothes more than any girl should. maybe you could vote me on one of those shows? or maybe you could just buy me a new wardrobe and save myself (and you for knowing me) some embarrassment. i'm fine with either.

i think about the utah mountains a lot. i'm imagining them all covered in fall right this minute. i'm imagining the crisp apple air. you see, it's not fall here yet. (don't let the whole "first day of fall thing" confuse you). it's still like a bazillion degrees (despite the coldness we found ourselves shivering in at the beach yesterday) and so, i miss fall, my favorite season, and i am aching to see a red or orange leaf somewhere. instead, there are dead mustard hills which i'm told look lovely when they're green. funny the things you miss when you don't have them around anymore.

i've been thinking about the following comment a lot recently, since i've received it multiple times:
"wow, your hair is so long."
is this a compliment? or? what if it is followed up with the following comment:
"i could never in a million years keep my hair that long."
maybe i'm overanalyzing this question (i know, what a SHOCKER, that i would overanalyze something)-- but do you think there is a subtle (or not-so-subtle) hint in there saying something like, "look lady, your locks are looking a little straggly and could really use a cut)?

i think i might want an i-phone for my birthday. am i thinking i want one just because it's the trendy thing to do? do you have one? maybe you could sell me on it. what are your favorite apps? or what makes this worth...or a waste of my money??

i think about getting a deal a lot. i mean who doesn't love getting a good deal?? i have some sites i've recently found and am wondering-- do you have any sites you could share with me that would help me get a deal? with coupon codes, etc??

i think i'm really excited about my giveaway, which ends tonight! don't forget to enter here. i think i want to keep the giftcards for myself! but i think i'd better not, since i already promised them to you.

and i think...i think that's enough thinkings and thoughts for one day.



Amy said...

i would love to be on "what not to wear" or something like that as well... i still have clothes from higschool- it's been so long since i've been able to buy a full outfit i love!

i know exactly what you mean about missing the fall in utah- i miss it bad.

i love a good deal too... dream of good deals. is a place my sis uses a lot for coupons and discounts... i haven't used it much because i forget about it but she loves it.

i think i'm excited for your giveaway too! actually- i would say i know i'm excited for your giveaway... but i would know i was excited, if i knew i was winning! :)

Rachel said...

my guy is wacking me when he is mad too. and he is a few months behind e. so i am thinking it is normal if we both have the same problem? i always get wacked in the chest. ouch.

Courtney said...

Ellie will grow out of it, no worries. I think you will have to dress way worse to get on one of those TLC shows, I think about purposefully dressing badly for a while so that I can get spotted. Your hair looks amazing, and if I could grow my hair that long I would. My mom has an iphone and she loves it, and I want one too. I think you are great, don't worry so much.

Ju and Brack said...

Couple of things little one...YOU ARE GORGEOUS! I have always always thought that. Last time I saw you I envyed you for dressing so cute, honestly. I wish I could dress like you, seriously. Also Utah fall misses you too. At least the Ricketts miss having you around for this Utah fall :) Good luck with E. I know you'll figure it out. You are an amazing mother!

Nate said...

K, I know I'm a guy and it should probably be sort of odd that I would read a soul-searching post like that almost in its entirety, but I did and it is what it is... It really was just an interesting post. Anyways, enough justification. The reason I am commenting and subjecting myself to this kind of embarrassment is because I have to put in a plug for the iPhone.

I LOVE my iPhone. I cannot tell you how much I love it. I always thought it looked cool and always kind of wanted one, but couldn't bring myself to go through the hassle of switching carriers and stuff. Then my job got me one, and I seriously don't think I could ever go back to another phone. Ever. It is easily the most incredible device I have ever owned. Period. I just love how all the information you could ever want or need about anything is always at your finger tips.

Anyways, that's my plug :)

Nate said...

Oh, one more thing, you asked about Apps. We might have different taste in Apps, so I am just going to tell you what I use (so far) but the beauty is there are a million of them so you can find stuff that you like.

I have a scriptures app that is so awesome. It has all of the standard works and every church publication as part of the app. It seriously is amazing, and it is so cool to always have my scriptures on me.

I also have a e-book app called Stanza. I like to read books on my iPhone sometimes when I'm just hanging out somewhere like a doctors office or waiting for something.

I also have a lot of different blogs I like to read right on my dashboard.

I use Facebook, Pandora Radio, Skype, Urbanspoon to find random restaurants when nothing sounds good, Flixster for movie showtimes and locations, iheartradio to get talk radio anytime anywhere, a Yahoo Finance app to check stocks and stuff, and Evernote so that I can record text, voice, or picture notes anywhere, anytime and catalog them.

Seriously, that's just the tip of the iceberg. Anyways, that's enough from me :)

The Caldwells said...

yeah. glad someone else has a child that WACKS people! mostly me when i too don't turn on elmo or when i tell her it's time to go inside after a walk ... early onset of the terrible twos? no clue! your ellie sure is cute though :) which makes it a little easier to deal with i think!

ps, utah really is fabulous right now! i'll try and appreciate it a little more for you :)

Nate said...

oh, and google maps is like having a GPS on your person at all times. Put where you want to go (even just the name of the store and the city its in or whatever) press the button to find your current location, the press "Get Directions" and it draws a map of how to get there from where you are and then the market moves with you while you're traveling so that you can get there. You may be saying "I'd never use that" trust me, if you had access to it, you would use it way more than you think.

This is seriously the end. I should go work for Apple. Have fun!

Becca said...

First of all. I LOVE your long hair. It is actually the reason I am growing mine out. :) Second, I also hate my clothes. I mean the type of hate where you look in your closet and get "angry tears" haha. We definitely need to find something at the gateway. Third, I think Bryant is already having "tantrums" and he is 8 mths old. Whenever I give him a bottle and he doesn't want it he grabs my hair and YANKS it. It's the only time that he ever does that. Kids are crazy. Maybe you should pop out another one & see how Ellie reacts. ha.

Ok so my cousin's husband "unlocks" iphones & sells them for a couple hundred if you're not on verizon & want one. I can't remember if you are or not? Oh and my mom just got an iphone and LOVES it. Do it Do it.

Anyway, long comment.

Ps. Loved seeing pics of Ellie at the beach. She is SO ADORABLE.

Tiffany Johnson said...

You hair is gorgeous;... i'm super jealous of your clothes... you're so trendy and i'm so not..

as far a whacking goes.. good luck on that one. Hailey use to do that and when she would, I would just pull her out of the tub, no questions... or with watching a movie, I would just leave the room. She'll get eventually that it's not effecting you and she'll move on to another way to get your attention. Remember, ANY attention is attention to a child.. even if it's negative attention. Just walk away.

As far as the iPhone. Nate swears by his. We are on TMobile and he loves it. He has another one to which I have tried to convince him I need (he bought the newest one and is going to sell his other one). He just laughed at me! :-) with kids and it not being necessary that i have internet access at all times, he didn't think I should get it.. RUDE! :-) But he's right.. for me.. it's just a luxury that I really don't need. BUT in all reality, he loves his and it is pretty cool.

Lisa Johnson said...

You are SOOOO not alone in the tantrum and whacking department! Autumn had a lovely little melt down outside of WalMart the other day where she proceeded to take off her shoes and pants and was standing there in her diaper and a t-shirt. I had a lot of mom's just give me that look of "having one of THOSE days, huh?" I am glad to hear I'm not the only one that is dealing w/ an out of control child! :)

C and C said...

Marci! This is so crazy. I came across your blog some time ago and I always wanted to leave a message and tell you how adorable your little family is!!! But I thought, No way she knows who I am. HA!! So you must guess my excitement to see YOU left a message to ME!! I do have a blog but I will be honest, it's turned into quite the journal for me since my camera broke and I have a potty mouth at times. But if you want to join in the fun, let me know :) So happy to hear from you!