Wednesday, September 23, 2009

ellie sees the beach for the first time

in my mind, i thought it would include sandcastles, swim-suits, warm sand, and maybe even a sunburn.

in reality, it included fog, wind, sweatshirts (though i forgot ellie's so she got to wear mine...a hilarious sight all on its own) and sand in all the wrong places.

funny how life does that, huh? lets our brains make something out to be waaay different than it really is.

but even though the reality resembled nothing that my mind had imagined, it was an incredibly fun and memorable day...and i wouldn't have changed it. not one bit.

we just hope for ellie's sake (since she insists upon going in the icy water) that next time the sun doesn't decide to hibernate as soon as we get there.

needless to say:
we love the beach.
and we can't wait to go back for more!

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The Fredy Family said...

Love the beach pics! Glad to see you guys are adjusting to California. :-)

Blair said...

I love the picture of her with mud all over her face, with your sweater on. So adorable. Life wouldn't be any fun if it went exactly as we imagined.

- This is Ashley by the way. hehe.

Shaylynn said...

I love it. Wish i was there once again!

Mat and Brooke said...

I don't even know Ellie and I love her personality so much. :) She is just like her mama!

jenna said...

how fun! it's so nice you get to see your husband so often and enjoy those moments as family. what a great thing!!!

Linda said...

It made my day to see these pictures of you having such a fun day. So glad she loved the beach. That means she will love coming to Gammy's and Grandpa's to visit. I am thrilled that you are filling your cup of family time!!!!

Amy said...

Love all of these pictures! So fun that you are in such a beautiful place!

Jons and Celeste Leigh said...

Jon and I simultaneously said "Aw!" when we saw your cute photo montage. Your little Ellie is too cute for words.

Kimberly said...

Hi Marce!! My computer is working again so I am catching up on you and your cute little fam! Cali seems fun so far. It was fun seeing Mike. I wish you had come too. Oh, and did you love Ellie's tiny touches. I think they turned out darling! Love you friend!

C and MC said...

She is so precious. I love the sand eating.