Wednesday, September 16, 2009

since the for-sale sign is up...

and since my mom left a comment on my blog mentioning it...
i think now i'm probably safe to say it.

my parents are moving.

my thoughts?

let me address these questions in a sequential order.

Nov. 1st...though my dad is already traveling there and working there a lot.

where is there:
Orange County, CA

they feel like its the right thing to do.
and some big hauncho at KPMG asked them to.

my thoughts:
aside from wanting to lock myself in my room while listening to some really sad song that reminds me of building snowmen or a high school doorstep scene or all the birthdays and christmases we (my family) shared in that house...i'm ok.

but let me ask this: why is it that we become so attached to something like a house?
why is it that you want to take off a door-knob and a leaf from the backyard for safe-keeping? are there really memories locked in that doorknob and leaf?

i don't really know.

but one thing is for sure:
i will always be a Fairfield Falcon.
i will always have been a member of the Summerhaze Ward.
i will always be Sister Coombs' piano student.
i will always be a Davis Dart (and a true dart at that *wink wink*)
i will always love Jake's Over the Top's milkshakes (mmm, love the grasshopper one).
i will always think of the Country Road as our road...where we took many walks, ran many runs, and talked many talks.
i will always think of those big warm mountains as my mountains.
and i will always look on my childhood at 193 South with the fondest, sweetest memories.

can you believe the Hartleys won't be in Utah anymore?
i can't.

i really can't.



Debra said...

Now why is this post making ME so sad? I guess its because I've always felt so welcome at your parents house, and I loved everything about it... the way your mom decorated, the perfectly manicured lawn, and yes even the door knobs.

But how fun to start a new adventure!

Ju and Brack said...

I'm not going to lie, I HATE this! The thought of the Hartley's not being a part of Layton anymore makes me so sad! I think the thing that makes me most sad is the thought that it gives you no reason to come back and see us :( Hopefully we'll find one. Love you guys and love all the Hartley's. We will miss you.

Jordan & Kelli Nicholls said...

My mom told me, and it makes me really sad. What is the Summerhaze ward with out the Hartley's?

Amy said...

and no more kitchen light games- so sad! :)

that place wont be the same without the family... and you're so right about everything else being your mountains and being a falcon... i love that i can relate to the majority of it. minus the dart part- yuck! haha totally kidding!

oh, and the new blog look is super cute!

Barbara Olsen said...

It wont be the same without the Hartley family in the neighborhood.
I can't imagine anyone else living in that house and taking care of the yard. It will be a fun adventure for your parents! We will miss them.

Jylaire said...

They can't move! My parents found that house for them! It will be nice to have someone to visit next time we take the kiddos to Disneyland, but still so sad!

Lisa Johnson said...

Won't it be good though, because they'll be closer to you now?

jaci said...

i think it is weird how we get so attached to houses. it old my parents if they EVER think of selling their house..i'm buyin' it.

well, i guess i've officially lost you to california forever, then, huh? I can't WAIT to come out there to visit you. I'm not kidding. I am really going to do it. i already asked zach. maybe this summer!!!

alexismunoadyer said...


HOW are you? I will never forget your spunky self!
Thanks for the sweet compliments! You are too cute!

How's your baby-last time I saw you you were 8 months pregnant!

Are you guys still in UT?

We should play sometime!

Miss Morgan said...

WOW! This is a very sad day for the Summerhaze neighborhood. I think all of us still think of that neighborhood and ward as our home. I know, I still do and love to go back. I am excited for your parents but it will be very sad not to have your wonderful family in Layton.

Mat and Brooke said...

What on earth is the Holmes Creek Stake going to do without cute, spunky Linda Hartley??? This is sad, very sad news... :(

But, she WILL be closer to you and little Ellie. And that... is great news!

My parents have a time share in Newport Beach, Cali, which I think isn't too far from where your parents are moving...
We go down at least once a year...
SO. I'll be seeing YOU before too long!

Cassidy and AE Harris said...

I saw your mom the other day and she hugged me one of her famous Linda Hartley hugs that we all love so much. It is sad....Your family is the greatest.

Linda said...

Warm Tears run freely down my face. Thank You for the kind words to you darling friends of Marci! and ours!
Each of God's children are irreplaceable! You all are irreplaceable!!!! But part of God's plan is to recycle us and keep us on our toes growing and learning! It has been an absolute privilege to be here. You have all left the Hartleys better than you found them! Thank You for that! Come visit us! We'll keep in touch. I love you Marci.

Erin said...

When I saw your blog and this post so many good memories of the Hartley family came to mind. Although I rarely see your family anymore, I can't believe they are moving. I will miss you all. Growing up would not have been the same without the Hartley family.

Erin Tibbs Mitchell