Tuesday, September 15, 2009

my current read

there are few books that capture me the way this one has.
(so much that it deserves its own post).

it's like a new warm sheet that tangles itself all over you...and you can't find your way out...and you secretly don't want to.
it's like drinking the first sip of a diet-coke...that is all carbonation-y, and it makes your eyes water...but you know how good it is so you keep drinking and drinking and drinking until you only have one sip left...and you gulp that sip, and are so sad that it's gone.
it's like an ice-cream cone in july...that starts dripping down your arm, and onto your foot...and you can't keep up with it or lick it fast enough because it is drizzling away so quickly.

it captures you. when you least expect it. and it doesn't let you go. 

and once it's captured you,
be prepared.
you'll cry.
you'll want to stop reading.
but you won't be able to.
and you'll cry some more.
and you'll be provoked to be better.
and you won't be the same.
and you won't want to be the same.

buy it.

if you don't, maybe you'll win it in my giveaway (did you notice my followers are to 50?? that happened much quicker than expected....you guys are so cool. COMING SOON: giveaway details {ooo la la}).

oh, and a word of caution: when you start reading it, be sure to have a box of tissues at hand.
maybe two boxes.

ok, to be safe, buy three.



Linda said...

So Happy you loved it too!!!!!

Today the For Sale sign went up on our front lawn. After reading Court's post on her blog and yours... I feel better. I am off to bed with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for you and each of the irreplaceable people in this family. How did I get so blessed to be a part of your lives?
Off to O.C. tomorrow early. And I lost my cel phone. I will call you when we get back next week.
Hugs and Kisses to you, Mike and Ellie.
Besitos! y Abrazitos tambien.

Mat and Brooke said...

What?? Your mom is moving??? Woa. Didn't see THAT one coming! Where to? Your have to tell us.


Is that book SO good, that even a NON-reader would like it? I would love to immerse myself in a real good book.

luv luv :)

bartonbeat said...

I'm so happy you LOVED it three!

the book thief was the best read of the summer, by far. i'm pretty sure i cried myself to sleep a few times. rudy is my favorite character. we should discuss.

also, i became a follower! excited for the giveaway! hope you're doing well, miss you guys!

Amy said...

I posted about this book this morning!! Crazy!

although, your post is much more entertaining. my emotions from the book were so raw it was hard to describe it. i might have to add a link to your post....

Becca said...

I'm almost done reading it and it is SO good. It makes my soul hurt. I realized after I left my cpr class today that I had "stolen" a pen. It made me feel like Liesel a little. haha. :)
Anywho, our texts are getting further and further apart. Have you noticed this? I thought about it today. Ok my kid is screaming better go.

Love you and your blog! It's my favorite blog ever :)

Dari said...

I just started this book. I am scared now. I didn't know it was going to be super sad, but I am excited too! We are reading it for our book club so I am forced to finish it {like I wouldn't anyway ;) }

Your blog and fam are so cute!! I might need to follow you now too!