Friday, August 28, 2009


i think my favorite thing about my little family is that we can go 1,000 miles away....
and the kisses are just as sweet,
the hugs are just as warm,
and the love is just as strong.

they say that home is where the heart is...
and while pieces of my heart are still in utah,
pieces of my heart also belong with these two cute little humans.

and so, slowly but surely,
i'm feeling at home.

and that feels nice.

more real updates to come real soon.
(including airport drama, ellie funny's, and confessions).

stay tuned!



Ashley Myntti said...

I am glad you made it safely to San Fran! It felt so good to talk to you the other night. You are an amazing friend and I don't know what I would do without you! Love ya!

Linda said...

I am not as positive as you... yet. I will try to follow your example! Miss you tons...

Savannah said...

Thank you for this little snippett of what it's all about...I'm going to tuck this one away in my pocket and best wishes always!