Wednesday, July 1, 2009

do you feed your children bugs?

i know i already asked for some advice on this...
but i really really need some advice.
E is eating all meals now.
which is AWESOME.
i never realized how intentional you have to be to create good, nutritious, yummy meal that toddlers (yes! i have a toddler! what!?) actually eat.
in order to keep this E this happy...

i need your help.
what do you feed your children?
bugs? chocolate covered ants? grass?
just teasin.
but really, when it comes to breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks, i need some fresh ideas.
we do eat yummy foods...but we need to mix it up.
i loved your suggestions before and just know you can help a sista out again.

thank you in advance.



Nathan & Katelyn said...

Hey Marci, I've been reading your blog for awhile now. I came across it through Lali Johnson's blog. I'm not a creeper no worries, but I have a 13 month old and can often relate to all of your advice and even gain some confidence through you actually! So, thanks for that! As far as what we feed our little guy, I think that this has been the hardest stage yet because they are so difficult to read. I'll have to check back when others start to comment because I'm interested in the same advice as well. Good Luck, and I love reading your blog! ps. our blog is private but if you want in I could send ya the invite-


Richardson said...

It's funny that you ask! Take a look at my second blog ( Kristy Barlow posted a link to a website for food ideas for Tots. But here are some things that James loves. Eggs, oatmeal,toast, grapes, eggo waffles,peanutbutter and honey or banana sandwiches, pasta, pinto beans,chicken(pretty much any form), olives, peas, corn,cheese,yogurt, applesauce.He mostly just eats what we eat for dinner. Ok, so maybe those aren't very creative ideas but those are things that James loves. But check out that website. It has much more creative ideas.

Kristy said...

Ditto what Amy said! OP loves scrambled eggs, oatmeal, bananas, waffles, PB&J, hotdogs, frozen peas, carrots, applesauce, kidney beans, tortillas with cheese, string cheese sticks, grapes, cottage cheese. He's kind of a picky little bugger, so I can relate to what you're saying. Good luck!

Montgomery Family said...

Hey Marci,
I'm not sure I'm the one to give advice since my daughter is in the 10% for weight but since you asked...
Breakfast: Paige always has some fruit. Peaches, bananas, strawberries(her fav) and either a whole wheat waffle(toasted) or an english muffin(not toasted). The double fiber honey wheat are SO good. Sometimes when I'm not lazy I'll fix scrambled eggs. On our trip a few weeks ago we ate breakfast out and she devoured some pancakes and french toast. Those only get made on Sundays around here!!
Lunch: I always give her some kind of cheese, meat, veggie and fruit. We rotate between string cheese and cheddar cheese. For meat, I get turkey, ham and roast beef from the deli and I usually have a breast of chicken that I've cooked from dinner. We rotate all those meats. Fruits: same as breakfast and maybe some grapes, raspberries, watermelon, cantaloupe. Veggies: peas(just had to pull one out of her ear last night after dinner, so watch out!), corn, carrots, pinto beans, black beans, green beans.
Dinner: I usually give her whatever we're eating, but if I haven't made it yet by the time she's ready for dinner, then I just give her the same types of food as lunch.
My friend told me that she read somewhere that at their age they need 2 tablespoons a day of each food group.
Hope this helps.
Your Ellie is simply the cutest!

Jill said...

wow...good friends! i think it's all been said :)

Linda said...

Look at her! You are doing a great job! The sooner she learns to love what you eat the better., I love when she says " NO!" and spits out what she doesn't like. She is hilarious and definitely has her mind set on what she wants.

Lea Tame said...

I have the best baby food book! It gives tons of recipes of nutritious things to eat that I would never think of giving a baby. I don't have it with me because we're in Maryland right now but if you want the info, let me know! I love it!