Thursday, July 9, 2009

confessions of a half-cuban-stay-at-home-mom-drama-queen PART I

i'd like to welcome you to my newest blog segment:
"confessions of a.... yadda yadda yadda."
aka, welcome to my circle of trust.
each week, (or less...or more) i will share with you some of my latest confessions.
things that i probably shouldn't tell you.
and that i would prefer you kept between me and you.
things that you may judge me for or love me for....
but hopefully things that will make us closer.
i will start my segment with 3 simple confessions.
here we go.

#1. tonight i went to a hip-hop class for the second time. which means i danced hip hop for the second time in my life. yes, i am terrible. yes, my ankles are throbbing. and yes, i. love. it. and just when i was having second thoughts about my stiff hips and lack of popping skills, darren, the amazingly talented, huge, big black hip-hop instructor glided back to my corner and said, "mmmm you move it girl, yeeeeaahhhh." and i felt empowered. and i will continue to pop it and lock it every wednesday at 9:00 pm.

#2. i may or may not have the following artists on my ipod: nsync, mylie cyrus (and her alter ego...which i can't even type out of embarrassment), hilary duff, high school musical 1...and 2...ok, and 3, and (gasp) hanson..... (remember mmmbop?). and i may or may not exercise to those artists on a regular basis. im a sucker for the cheesy-happy music. wow, that felt really good to get that out there.

#3. i have worn fake hair (double gasp!). no it wasn't a wig, and no, it wasn't extensions. remember those clippie thingies they used to sell at the mall that had all of the different hair colors attached to the cool thing to do was to match it to your hair color and make it look like you had this gorgeous, lush pony-tail? yeah, i was a sucker for that. before a football game one friday night, my mom and i were at the mall and this lady at the clippie-hair kiosk convinced us how gorgeous i looked with that wad of fake hair attached to my head. so we bought it. now, i was either a sophomore or a junior in high school... and i was a cheerleader (i guess this is a double confession). and, anyone who went to Davis High knows that everyone and their dog goes to those football games. so we were warming up our tumbling skills on the track and the game was about to begin. it's my turn to tumble. i get my running start...round-off...back-handspring....and KER-SPLAT. what the heck was that!? i look behind me...and there is this huge pile of hair greatly resembling a large rodent carcass. i run as fast as i can to pick up my hair remnants....and scan the crowd to see if anyone noticed...and sure enough, there's my mom, laughing sooooo hard, i thought she might have a heart-attack. to this day, this story could make my mom pee her pants in laughter. word of advice: stick with your real locks...unless the fake ones are permanently attached to your head.

hope you enjoyed this week's confession segment.
stay tuned for many confessions to come.



Richardson said...

I wish I was there taking a hip hop class with you. That would be so fun! Instead I'm here with NO friends :( and Rob keeps going out of town and leaving me all by myself.

Megs said...

Oh Marci. Let's be friends. Good friends. I, too, have a confession with music - I, too, have Hanson on my music player. I sing Mmmbop every time I cook. I don't know's just so good. I will also never deny my love for all the boy bands that were popular in our junior high days. Holla. You're too clever...always fun to read.

Hilary said...

i am dying laughing right now. i've never heard the hair story! thanks for sharing.

Clay and Jenna said...

I like you, a lot!! I still listen to Mylie Cyrus AND Hannah Montana {and not ashamed to say it. I also WATCH Hannah Montana so what can you do!!!} I love Hanson, I have them, too. When you asked for songs I almost said songs from Hannah Montana/Mylie and Mitchel Muso and demi lovato {disney chanel stars also} but I didn't know what you'd think. I should of just said so. You have made me want to listen to Mmmbop now, too. And the hair story cracking me up. LOVE it and you!! Can't wait to see you!

Camille said...

Thanks Marce, your confessions have given me the best laugh. Maybe one day I will follow in your footsteps, but in the meantime, keep them coming! It's great to hear stories from your life now and way back when! It was also great to see you at Graduation! :)

ed and kelli said...

#2 = awesome..and say it listen to hannah montana. i'll be honest, i not only listen, i own her cds...yes, multiple, and i owe all nsync AND mmmbop! we are friends for a reason marce:)

Linda said...

agh! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!
I will never, ever, as long as I live stop laughing about that fake hair story! One of my all time favs.
Hey!~ Way to go on the hip hop thingie. Wanna laugh at my expense?.... Picture me doing that! Ok., I laugh at you and you may laugh at me. Are we even?

Linda said...

P.S. My baby is 18! Her friends ( Taylor and gang) came over and got her up at the crack of dawn.... they had brought breakfast... and they took her boating for the day. I provided the lunch... and am hoping they will have a blast. She deserves all that happiness and JOY.
Marci, remember 18???? You were such a JOY yourself.... and obviously still are!

Amy said...

I totally needed a laugh- thanks for sharing. Can't believe I've never heard that hair story before, too funny. Sad I wasn't there to see it.

I wish I could take a hip-hop class with you. I'd look like a complete dork, but I think it would be so fun.

And Mmmbop- who doesn't love it?! haha I was going through an old cd case a little while ago and tortured Jeff with Backstreet Boys, NSync, Ashlee Simpson and more. I was singing along every word... he was laughing at me.

So fun, can't wait to read more confessions! xoxo

Clay and Jenna said...

I love when I spell things wrong and realize too late...Miley Cyrus*

Jons and Celeste Leigh said...

Aw, just when I thought I couldn't love you any more.... you go and post this! Ha ha I love it. Where do you do your hip hop dancing? I feel the same way when I go! We were so sad we missed you guys on Sunday. We came to visit but you had gone to the park. Oh, and don't worry, we managed to let Lucy out and a huge bumblebee in. I felt so bad!

Anonymous said...

what a great idea! :)
I wish I could go to hip-hop class with you, how fun would that be :)

anne said...

That's why we love're not afraid to put your real self out there. I do not remember this hair story. So, maybe your mom was the only one who saw it. :)

The Caldwells said...

love the confessions! why do i not remember the fake hair fiasco? love it!

The Peterson's said...

Love it!

Shaylynn said...

I'm all about Mileys new Cd, and I bought Hansens greatest hits about a year ago. GO US! You hip hop your little heart out:)