Friday, July 10, 2009

sisters, sisters

happy 18th, baby sister.
welcome to adulthood!

we adore you...always have, always will.
and heaven knows Ellie loves her aunt "miiiiimmiiiii"

hope your day was extra special!



Linda said...

This picture is so cute. Thanks for this post. She will love it! I know she had a great day. The only thing short of it being extra perfect was not seeing you all... but ... welcome to adulthood it is! Dad took her to OZAKA for Sushi after boating. Then she went out with Em. an Marie. She had a long good day. Thank You for being such a wonderful, amazing, fun, funny, accepting, encouraging sister! She adores and admires you. I love you.

ed and kelli said...

so fun... ps your sister is gorgeous. happy birthday!