Sunday, May 10, 2009

this one's for the girls

on this mother's day, i'm thinking of all the girls in my life who have made me the person i am today...and more importantly the mother i am today. so, i'd like to say thank you to all my girls out there.

thank you to my sister for being my little sister..and for putting up with my teasing. and for putting up with my mothering instead of sistering. and for loving me. and for being so you and so unique. you were the cutest baby in the whole wide world and i always wanted a baby because of you.

thank you to my sister-in-law, Courtney...for being so sweet to your new little Rosalie. it has made me want to be a better, more patient mommy. thank you to my sister-in-law Carrie- for being so thoughtful and sweet to our little girl even though we are so far apart. you always make me want to be more thoughtful and loving to others.

thank you to my aunts. and to M's aunts. you always have filled in the gaps and filled my life with love and laughter. thank you for making me feel special. thank you for being a part of my life. thank you for loving my feisty baby.

thank you to my girlfriends. my friends from high school who i've been able to watch be mommy's before me...who have paved the way and given me someone to get advice from. my college friends who always encourage me and love me and share these most wonderful of life's events with me. my provo friends- who share it all- from snotty noses, to eating dirt, to walks, to birthday parties, to advice, to yoga, to tv-nights, to dinners and bbq's....thank you for putting up with my flakiness at times and for always inviting me to do things. i love you all for that. to all my other friends- including all of you - who i know from teaching school, other jobs, wards, knowing M, and several other places- thank you for enriching my life and giving me people to look up to and be inspired by (p.s. if you're not pictured below, we need to hang out more. and with our cameras....i was saddened by the fact that i don't have many pictures of all of you, my lovely friends).

thank you to my grandmas (including M's grandmas). you've given me my parents, and M's parents...which are our greatest blessings. thank you for serving us continuously. we wish we could be closer to all of you.

thank you to my cousins. you ladies are LOVELY in every way. i wish we all lived closer to share more of our lives together.

thank you to my mother-in-law for raising such a wonderful man for me to share my life with and be the daddy of my baby girl. thank you for opening your home to me- and your family to me..and making me feel so welcome and loved./

thank you to my mama. for being my best friend. for being so generous. for serving my little family so willingly and lovingly. for laughing and talking with me about every detail of my little life...and for loving me with your biiiggg heart. i love you to the highest mountain.

and thank you to my baby Ellie. thank you for being so sweet...for giving me hugs. for giving me sweet slobbery kisses. for being so excited to see me every morning. for snuggling me. for laughing at my sillyness. and most importantly, for making me a mommy! the happiest mommy in the whole wide world. i love you, lovely sweet Ellie.

happy mother's day!


Ju and Brack said...

Happy Mother's Day to you! You are such an amazing person and have influenced the lives of everyone you have met, especially sweet E! She is so lucky to have you as a mom!

P.S. I'm going to ignore the 2 pictures you posted of me, lets just get some better ones when these babies are out ;)

Amy said...

You are so sweet! I hope you had a very happy mother's day. And I have to say thank you- thank you for being such a good example and loving your little girl... for being a good friend and neighbor and for all the warmth- you fill up my heart.

Linda said...

We are so blessed. When we can see clearly how wonderful life can be when we live with open hearts... the sky is the limit on the amount of JOY that there is in store for us. Isn't it awesome?
It's a privilege being your MOM, friend... and helper from time to time. It goes both ways. Thank YOU for making me a mother, for being YOU. MIMI asked me the other day: " When will I make you laugh as much as Marci makes you laugh?"... It's true that you make me laugh so hard...
MIMI can hold her own though. All of you have brought me more happiness and JOY than I ever expected. I say it all the time and I will say it again:
" My cup runneth over"
I love you to the HIghest.

bartonbeat said...

thanks for featuring me in your mother's day post, i LOVE those pictures. starts bringing back the 7, 8, 9 years of memories... whew.

i too am grateful for all the special women and moms in my life. we are amazing humans. i am especially glad that your life and my life run a tangled web so that we can always stay in touch.

especially when wade & ellie start talking to each other on facebook (because we made them become friends) and then they become great friends, which turns into love and then marriage and then babies... well you know the drill. i've got it all planned.

hope you had a wonderful mother's day. and hope to see you & mike again soon. we love you guys.

Lea Tame said...

Marce, I'm so glad we've been able to remain friends even though you're not here anymore! You are so great and I love you and your family to pieces.

Megan said...

Very sweet post, thanks Marc! I loved looking at all the pictures. Happy Mothers Day!