Saturday, May 9, 2009

some fyi's:

fyi: mother's cookies are back. i've never seen M so excited about buying a package of cookies in my entire life.

fyi: teething is a beast. and i hate it. and it never really ends. and did i mention that i hate it?

fyi: spending an afternoon in the garden wearing summer hats and eating flowers (or should i say, watching E eat flowers...and dirt) is absolutely splendid.

fyi: watching pride & prejudice with sisters & mom is the besssssst after a day in the garden.

fyi: not all babies are colicky, much to my distorted perceptions. my niece, little rosalie, is the most peaceful human on the planet.

fyi: mother's day is tomorrow. i'm excited. first mother's day as a real mom. i'm excited to hug my mom extra tight and my ellie extra tight.

fyi: i hate using public restrooms. what is up with the 1-ply toilet paper in there? and really, is it that hard to keep three stalls clean?

fyi: the road 300 W (that the Gateway is on) in SLC has a 30 mph speed limit. we learned that after we received a speeding ticket going 44 yesterday. they were making some serious quotas because we saw someone else pulled over in front of us and someone get pulled over after us. man. why is getting a speeding ticket such a bad feeling?

fyi: johnson & johnson came out with a new bubble bath. ellie LOVES bubbles & bubble baths. what could be better and gentler than a soft bubble bath from j & j? i CANNOT wait to try it.

fyi: only 3 episodes left of 24. it's been in-tense this season.

fyi: watched little mermaid for the bazillionth time today. could still quote every line to every song. and it's still not old. i secretly wish i was ariel.

fyi: i love i just wish i would actually win something for once. sigh.

fyi: i also love anthropologie and ache to be able to afford their clothes. someday. someday.

fyi: i'm nervous to teach in yw tomorrow. weird thing is, i actually do like to teach. but the last couple of lessons have made me really anxious for some reason. i keep telling myself: breathe in, breathe out.

fyi: M and i just ate some delicious frozen yogurt. i talk about frozen yogurt all the time, huh? it's just that good.

fyi: i ran out of fyi's.


The Hurst Family said...

Marci-fyi-only 14 days of school left. Since thought you'd like to know. RaeAnn

Barbes said...

Yes the 300 W trap... It's right off of my work's parking garage and I'd be lying if I said I hadn't been caught speeding there, multiple times. Only one super-spendy speeding ticket to prove it tough. Gotta watch out for that one!

Jarom and Amber said...

My cute dad has been down in Salt Lake working the past week (he works for some security company) and he was telling us yesterday at lunch that his only entertainment (because nothing is happening at the place he is doing security for) has been watching people get pulled over on 300 W. Apparently in 2 hours he saw 12 people get pulled over..

Linda said...

Geez! I did not know you had that little adventure! Sorry. That stinks! MIMI's car broke down right by the water tank yesterday... off the 89 turning into Oakhills. There was barely a place to pull over, her stirring wheel locked and she was pretty scared. It was commuting hour . We had to have it towed! Yeap. Happy Monday to us. I think the engine is blown. Stay tuned and I will let you know this delightful FYI. I like your FYIs better. Good luck with the garden. I love you.