Tuesday, April 28, 2009

when money is tight.

what do you do when you're tight on money but need your bangs trimmed?

ask M to do it.

seriously- M just trimmed my bangs that were ever-so-annoyingly poking the whites of my eyes.

it feels soooo much better.
i can actually see again without little jagged whispies stabbing me every other second.

(i know you're asking yourself, does it look better? well, only a good shower and style will tell.)

thanks M.
you're such a manly man.



The Fredy Family said...

Not sure if every stylist does that but mine does in between hair cut bang trims for free. You should look in to that. ;-)

Marci + Dan said...

That's awesome.

But yes, most places will trim your bangs for free.

davis said...

amen. i find anyone off the street to help me trim my bangs every other week. they grow like weeds.

Jill said...

I'm assuming M is your husband? That's awesome!! My husband always offers to cut my hair too and says he cut all the missionaries hair while he was serving...yes, even the sister missionaries!! He even cuts my sons and his OWN!! I'm not brave enough to let him venture on mine though. I should be more trusting huh!!

Lea Tame said...

You are a trusting woman... I'm not sure I would do the same. But, I'm sure M did a fab job!

anne said...

Good for him!

I am reminded of the time when we first moved down here and I needed a stylist. Jace is a tight wad so I tried to find the least expensive place...BAD IDEA. I came home crying because I had a mullet. I'm not kidding. So, while I stood in the shower (fully clothed) with a towel around my shoulders crying, Jace took a pair of scissors and ever so lovingly...and TOTALLY UNSKILLED...cut off about 3 inches of mullet. Actually, he did a better job than the stupid lady did. Sigh...
So, you are not alone in allowing your husband to cut your hair. :)

Ashley and Aaron said...

Way to go on trusting the hubbie with the 'do. And congrats on the graduation...that must feel great! I know what you mean about the identity crisis though. Did you see that Davis will be in town in May? All I know is, we are getting together and you are coming.

Sean said...

hehehehhahahaha! You two crack me up.

The Peterson's said...

Good Luck with that!