Wednesday, April 22, 2009

can't stop thinkin about this:

sorry there's nothing but audio.

but even with just audio, i'm lovin' it. kris sings to me. he's quickly becoming my fave.
and really, who'd have thought i'd LOVE disco night?
American Idol is weird that way. anyways,
oh, and for the record, i'm not a fan of Anoop.
Or Lil.
let's hope they go home tonight. :)

what'd you think of last night?



Anonymous said...

I don't like Anoop or Lil. But I also can't stand Adam, seriously, scream a little more will ya? I'm voting for Danny, but I think Kris is good.

The Ostlers said...

Kris is by far my favorite! The song he sang last week melted my heart :)

Megan said...

Kris and Danny are my favorites. I'd love to see Adam go home. I think he's a killer singer, but he's totally creepy and rock isn't really my thing. Like Paula said last night, I think Danny's voice is completely sexy, but I like Kris' style.

Jill said...

I think Anoop and Lil are gone tonight. Kris and Danny are my fav's by far. Adam has talent but he is not my style AT ALLLLLLLLLLLLL.

mccall said...

Kris is my fave! He did amazing! Lil & Adam need to go H.O.M.E. I actually really look forward to seeing what Adam will do each week. Even thought his music isn't necessarily my style, he is genius. He is so talented!

The Caldwells said...

i LOVE kris too!

Kristi said...

I will agree about all of your thoughts!! I don't like Anoop either, I never have. I don't know why they keep saying he is such a good singer because I frankly don't think he is that great! And I love Kris. I have since the beginning and he is growing on me even more each week!

Amy said...

I agree- see ya later Lil and Anoop. They should've been gone long ago. Kris has definitely become my fav... I like Danny too. Adam has some serious talent, no denying that but he just kinda bugs me- no matter what I'm sure he'll get some sort of contract so just let someone else win. The song Kris sang last week was one of my all time favorite American Idol performances.

erin 'n phil said...

i loved his performance LAST week. so much that i downloaded it off itunes. amazing!

Amber said...

Yay for the Kris fan club! I admitted to my husband that I think Kris is hot; glad I got that off my chest.

Scott & Rach said...

I am with ya girl!
Kris is a heart throb and has a really nice voice. I do love Danny's raspy voice too. IT was fun looking at your blog- what a cutie you have!


Linda said...

I think the outcome of this season will be determined by song choices and the singers reactions through the next couple of weeks.
I think that all the singers left are completely different from one another! Apples, oranges..., Kiwis, Mangoes! It will be fun to see what the majority of the viewers and voters choose. I hope Kris wins.

Jana and Christopher said...

Hey Marci
So I'm a little late on the de-lurking day, but thought I'd let you know I love reading you and M's blogs to get a good laugh for the day. My husband always asks me if I'm reading the person's blog that tried to induce labor? Yep, definitely love keeping up on your little fam.
Jana (Nay) Weaver