Monday, April 13, 2009

the all-encompassing blog post


so much going on. so i'm going to just pile it all in, kind of like you do when you're going on a trip, and you say that you're going to "pack light" but then you end up bringing a bunch of useless stuff just in case. yeah, this post is kinda like that.

last week, my sister, the prettiest person on the planet, came over on her spring break and had a sleepover here. it was so fun. its time like these that makes me wish i was 16 at home again. sigh. we had fun singin' in the car, eating yummy bajio, frozen yogurt from here, playing that stupid addicting scramble game on her i-touch, watching movies, and getting fancy shmancy glitter toes. see:

the picture really doesn't do it justice. anyways, i love glitter toes. makes me feel so girly. we had a blast together, and only wish we could do it more often.

on saturday, Ellie turned 10 months old. old, right?. she has 5 (almost 6!) teeth now. she is looking more like a little girl, and not so much like a little baby anymore. it is so exciting...even though sometimes i just want to cry thinking that she won't be my baby forever. i am going to do a more elaborate Ellie update later...because i know you love it. :)

then, it was my brother's birthday this weekend. my brother is one of those unique, unforgettable people. he is funny, and very sarcastic. in fact, i told him this weekend that my oversensitive nature and all of my insecurities about myself are largely due to him teasing me incessantly when we were young. i can't imagine my life without him. happy birthday, sean. i'm so glad you were born.

of course, we got to celebrate Easters. it was so fun. Ellie was soooo cute. she looked adorable in her easter dress. see:

and, she is in this huge duck phase (see her collection of ducks on here blog here) so my mom got her this Easter basket filled with all sorts of duck things: duck pajamas, duck books, duck scrubbers, duck stuffed animal, duck backpack, and even a duck basket to put it all in. it was so cute to watch Ellie's face light up and hear her say "duck, duck, duck" over and over again. how wonderful it was to spend this day with my family. thank you mom and dad for all of the hard-work you put into making it yet another memorable occassion and of course for all of your generosity. we love you. (now, naturally, a whole bunch of easters pictures to follow:)

{life can be oh-so-serious for this little monster}

also, my sister-in-law, Courtney is pregnant and due this week. i am SO excited to meet her little Rosalie. she is going to be such a gorgeous little baby. so fingers crossed that i will finally be an auntie SOON, and that Ellie will finally have a Hartley cousin!

we've watched a few really good movies lately. Bedtime Stories. l-o-v-e-d it. High School Musical 3. kinda liked it, hold the kinda (i'm a major dork who loves to blame the fact that i watch the HSM's on the fact that i am a kindergarten teacher, even though i thoroughly enjoy every minute of them). and finally, we watched Marley & Me last night. about 3/4 through the movie, i knew it could only end bad...but i was hooked...and then i sobbed and sobbed and sobbed at the end. anyone who has had a dog (or any pet for that matter) can understand what i mean.

also, our t.v. shows are awesome right now.
LOST: a-maz-ing, keeps me more intrigued and stressed than any other show, and could watch 48 hours straight of it.
American Idol: addicting, sometimes disappointing, sometimes incredible.
Office: hilarious, never disappoints.
24: crazy and thrilling.
but the show i realllly wanna talk about is House. is anyone watching House right now? i still can't believe this last week's episode and would love to talk to someone about it. we've never watched House in chronological order till this season and we are loving it....but again, i'm in shock over what happened last Monday. w.o.w.

and finally, now i'm just sitting on my lovesac at 1:51 pm...because i'm on SPRING BREAK. and it feels great. other than the very long list i made for myself this week. i'm a list person, in case you didn't already know that). some things on that list include:
  • exercise every day (ha)
  • read my scriptures every day
  • get my wedding album done (i know. it's been almost 4 years now. geesh)
  • get caught up on my classes
  • cook every night- and try a new recipe (eek!)
  • hug Ellie an extra 15 times a day
  • lay in bed for an extra 15 minutes a day
  • grocery store (ugh)
  • and...hang out with you. call me.


Linda said...

Happy Spring Break for you! We had a fun time! Didn't we?
I am excited that you are on Spring Break! That list is so ambitious! Go, Go, Go MARCI! I will call you. I will call you later. I had something come up that is really important. Our dear friend Julia is dying and I was asked to sing at her funeral which is being planned right now. It could be any day now. How can I sing when my heart is breaking. Yet.... I know that she is going to be received with such JOY for the goodness of her life. Anyways... It is interesting to be expecting the JOY of Rosalie's arrival while mourning the loss of such an elect lady! I love you Marci.... my favorite part of your list is hugging Ellie an extra 15 minutes a day... I wish I would have done that more!

Megs said...

Cute post! Love the Easter pictures.

Erika said...

I love the glitter toes! How fun, I love sleepovers too! Ellie's hair is long enough that you could maybe do a little pony tail on top!And thanks for your comments on my blog!