Monday, March 16, 2009

glad we made it in time for this:

the Draper Temple Open House.

it was freezing.
it was long.
it was body-to-body walking through.
it was worth every minute.

what a special thing to take your baby with you through the temple.
in my opinion, it was a very unique (and rare) opportunity.
with Ellie in my arms, i kept looking around at all the details; the pictures, the wood-carvings, the doorknobs, the chandeliers, the altars, the murals, the paintings...and i just kept thinking...this is heaven on earth. i want to stay here forever.

how grateful i am for my eternal little family (and big eternal family).
how grateful i am for temples on this earth that make that possible.


Linda said...

Awesome, awesome! Loved this post and the pictures. Thank You so much!!!!!!! I love you forever.

Torrie and the girls said...

What a neat experience. I still remember going through the open house for the San Diego temple with my parents, granted I wasn't a baby but it was memorable experience. Glad you got the opportunity, I wish we could go to the temple a little easier the closest is 3 hours away.... sad :) We miss seeing Ellie's smiley face, she gets more adorable every post!