Wednesday, January 7, 2009


i am going through withdrawals.
and i'm not talking about the atm.
i'm talking about:

sugar withdrawals.

family withdrawals.

guitar hero, world tour withdrawals.

seeing my ellie 24-7 withdrawals.

letting myself be lazy-hazy-nazy withdrawals.

summer withdrawals.

spending time with M (other than talking about whether or not ellie pooped or what time she took her ibuprofen) withdrawals.

christmas withdrawals.

ugh. it's always a bit bleak to think the holidays are 11 months away.


Anonymous said...


Torrie and the girls said...

let's not think about it.... its a litte sad.

bartonbeat said...

feeling your pain. big time. in particular the husband withdrawls... busy season seems so bleak! and so LONG.

would love to see you, give us a call. wade's schedule is "less concrete" than it used to be. meaning he can stay up a later now. he's getting so old. so is ellie, it makes me sad!

Linda said...

Things to look forward to:
~ a Nice Hot relaxing bath
~ a date night with Mike ( on me!)
~ The next giggle Ellie gives you
~ Being totally comfortable in your favorite JEANS.... because you said goodbye to sugar for a little while.
~ The next funny thing one of your students is going to say.
~ The First Spring Flowers! It really will happen. Promise.
~ Mike's GRADUATION!!! He is the best!
And on and on and on! hehehe
You can come over to play guitar hero any time. I was looking for DAD the other day, and he was in the basement all by himself playing guitar hero... his reply to my surprised question " What are you doing?" " Getting better for when I play with the kids.
I love you and see you tomorrow!

Jons and Celeste Leigh said...

I agree. Going back to school this week has been rough for us...

Jon & Jenelle said...

The holidays may be 11 months away.. but SUMMER Vaction is only 5! :D

Your mom is such the wonderful Optimist! I love her. :D

...And i wish i was having sugar withdrawls~That would mean i'd stopped shoving my face with it. ~but no. i just cant fight it right now. :D

Becca said...

I have been having similiar thoughts. Especially the lack of guitar hero in my life recently. :) Anyway, I loved seeing your pics from christmas! You guys are awesome!

Ashley said...

I'm in a complete post holiday depression. I swear I've considered quitting my job three times this week and it's only Thursday. lol. I here ya, sista.

Amber said...

A-men on the summer withdrawls. I can't wait to get my kids back to playing at a park.

The Peterson's said...

Don't we all have our withdrawls! I know I do! But mine change with the season.

Marce said...

Dear "The Peterson's"

ok, i feel like an ultra big dork...but i've tried figuring out who you no avail!!! will you give me a hint?? do you have a personal blog? sorry i'm so lame and couldn't figure you out!!!


Marce said...

Ok, nevermind my last comment!!! Mandie, i'm sorry it took me so long to figure out that YOU were the Peterson's...but i finally did. hope all is well in AZ!!

Scott & Christie Lamb said...

Hey babe! you look so cute and your little girl is to die for! Hope all is well! Thanks for your comment, I'm going okay :-)