Monday, January 5, 2009

an un-manic monday

3 things made just another manic monday not so...manic...

1. i saw a chicken cross the road. for reals. on the way to school. and it wasn't even the first time this has happened this school year.i almost stopped and asked him the question of all questions, "for the record, just why are you crossing the road?" but he was too quick for me.

2. i had the following conversation with one of my little five year old girls:

"Mrs. Chapman, Mrs. Chapman! i have the best news!"

"cool! what is it?"

"my coat is strong enough to survive TOMATOES!"

"tomatoes!? what do you mean!?"

"my coat is SO strong it can survive TOMATOES!"

"wow. like people throwing them at you??"

"oh wait! silly me." puts hands in face and giggles. "i meant TORNADOES!"

3. these are back at costco.

don't pretend you're not excited.

ok, ok, i know that was 3 already...but this cute thing makes any manic day un-manic.

and yes, she's crawling. more on that to come shortly.

happy un-manic monday to all of you.



Adrienne said...

5 year olds are awesome :) and congrats on the crawling Ellie!

Beachbummin said...

I love reading your blog! You make me smile everytime.

Linda said...

hehehehhehe! Tomatoes! Tornadoes!
I bet you laughed out loud.
I am gad that you can look at the bright side of things. Life is sooo much better when we do that.
I loved talking to you. Diapers, Wipes and cherries at Costco! Now, that's the life. Enjoy the cherries.
Loves, Besitos,

Anonymous said...

Yippee for Cherries!!! Apparently that was one craving from pregnancy that stuck with you hunh?

Dream come true said...

I actually saw cherries at Costco and thought of that post forever ago.

The Peterson's said...

Cute kids! Class and at home!

Erika said...

So glad your cherries are back and yay!-she's crawling, that's great!