Tuesday, December 2, 2008

the turkey's dead.

it's december.

let me say that again:



thanksgiving came and went so fast. faster than i could lick the big dollop of whipped cream from my yummy pumpkin pie. some highlights:

we experienced our first travel experience with little E.
it went better than expected.
what an unpredictable creature little Ellie is.

we ended up here:

Ellie got loved on over and over by her grandma and grandpa (even when she was a little bit cranky):

they even bought her some new toys. she's so spoiled. is it possible to be 5 months and spoiled?

E tried to grow a new tooth in time to taste this dead guy:

but instead got to eat lots and lots of this:

Ellie also decided she was ready for reading.
she spent lots of time fascinated by these peek-a-boo books. where is baby's belly button?:

and of course, we got to spend lots of quality time together. 24-7. sigh.

so, while i mourn the death of turkey day... i am thankful to look back and have such a fun family to have shared it with...and such fun memories to keep close. hope all of your thanksgivings were filled with yummy treats, gratitude, and most importantly loved ones.

ok december...hit me with your best shot...

bring on the holidays!


Linda said...

Is that celery Ellie is eating? WoW! That must have felt great on her one tooth. I am so glad you all had a good time. You are so blessed to have the Chapmans !
I have just finished setting up for Christmas. As I find those old ornaments, I get sentimental, remembering how wonderful it was to be your " mommy"... and now ol' MOM! It's been a privilege and will continue to be one of the greatest sources of JOy to be your MOM. I will call you this week if I can come to Provo, I love you all.

Candace said...

What a fun trip! I ran into Mike today. Seriously miss having class with him. Apparently he brought a delicious treat to Spanish class, and Jared talked about it FOREVER!

You three make a cute little clan. Happy Holidays!

Megs said...

Ellie is darling! So glad you had a great time in San Francisco for Thanksgiving!

Jons and Celeste Leigh said...

I love the picture of Ellie "reading" the book! All of your pictures of the three of you are adorable as always. Its not fair to have so much CUTE in one family. Share a little with the rest of us. Or share some of you with us?

The Hurst Family said...

Your holiday looked great. Hope your headache is better. RaeAnn

Dad said...

It was so fun having you all. Thanks so much for coming. We are in serious withdrawals with everyone gone again. Can't wait until we see ya again! Love, Dad C.