Wednesday, December 3, 2008

i'm feeling very...

holiday-ish today.

even with this splitting headache that won't take a hike.
i hate headaches.
makes me want diet coke oh so badly. but really, do you think my maniac baby could handle caffeine in her diet? yeah, i don't think so.

anyways, back to my holiday-ish-ness.

i love seeing lights up on every corner.
i love the smell of evergreens in the air...
and in smith's parking lot, which usually reeks of people taking smoking breaks.
i love that the grocery stores have peppermint ice cream again. (do my hips love it? let's not talk about that).
i love that at every store and on every radio station, you can hear holiday jingles and christmas music. which leads me to some confessions.

confession #1: i've been listening to christmas music since november 1st. i'm one of those people.
confession #2: my holiday decorations are very minimal in our apartment. this is mostly because all of our decor resides in two bins conveniently at the BOTTOM of very high stacks of boxes in our storage unit. i'm lazy. sounds oh-so-hard to scavenge everything up. in fact, i've been debating whether or not to just buy some stuff so that i don't have to get my stuff out. very impractical...but yet practical at the same time. dontchya think?

so, for the time being, instead of decorating our home all cute, i decided to decorate my blog. you like? i do. makes me want to drink peppermint hot chocolate and curl up on my couch while watching bing crosby sing "i'm dreaming of a white christmas" on the holiday inn.

in fact, i think i might just go and do that.


p.s. don't think i forgot about my holiday giveaway...stay tuned for my reveal.


Megs said...

Love the christmas-y background! And I agree with your list...I love all of those things about the season as well! And, I don't think you're completely impractical for wanting to buy new decorations instead of digging out the old. I'm in the same situation. It would just be easier, in my mind, to buy new stuff. Too bad money doesn't grow on Christmas trees!

Mark said...

I've had the Christmas tunes on since early November as well... and the people that work around me are rolling their eyes and planning the dissapearance of my speakers!

Linda said...

Wonder where you got your CHRISTMAS from? Humm. It was a blast to be with you tonight. The Theme of the evening: " Great". Mike looks great. You look great, Ellie looks GRRRReat! Dinner was great even though I ate way too many chips and salsa... and... the apartment looks great . ( also the BLOG looks great!) I had a GREAT time. See you soon. I will try to come next week to see your great tree and to watch Ellie eat peas.
I love you so much.. to the Highest, greatest mountain ever.

Linda said...

I meant to say " Christmas FEVER! "
Anyways... goodbye!

Lea Billings said...

I used to have this friend named Marci but she disappeared! This makes me a little sad. I would love to see her again so she can meet Joshie and so I can see Ellie since I haven't seen her since she was about 9 days old. Please let me know if my friend Marce is found!


Clay Jenna and JJ said...

Great list. And my baby doesnt do so hot on coke either...sad day for me. Love the new blog background all Christmas done up. Hope your doing wonderfully!!!

Amber said...

This is Amber (Mortensen) Peck; your blog is way cute. You're totally not impractical; do what works for you. Impractical is when I tell my husband to just throw away the sink full of dirty dishes so we can buy new ones. (He hasn't given in to that request yet...)

Merry Christmas!