Monday, November 17, 2008

mama called the doctor and the doctor said:


ok, that was just the kindergarten teacher coming out of me.

but for reals, after several days of irritable, runny-nosed, tug-on-her ears, don't-want-to-take-a-nap-longer-than-30-minutes, scream-while-she-eats Ellie, we decided it was probably time to make a doc visit (triple UGH).

so we went.

side note: why don't doctors just tell you the real time they want you to be there? meaning, the real time they'll actually come and acknowledge your presence in that little bomb shelter room?

{if you zoom in on this picture, you will notice the constant nostril flow we've been dealing with the last several days. gross.}

diagnosis: Ellie has an ear infection in both ears.
first time mom here, freaking out (not for the first time).

why is it still so hard to hear my little baby cry?
why can't we take the pain away?
why can't they just tell us what's wrong so that some other person doesn't have to stick some huge appliance in their ear to figure out what's wrong?

conclusion: there's a new staple in E's diet...yucky pink paste...which she oddly willingly eats.

chin up, i have no doubt i'll be writing of daisies and daffodils in no time.
until then, come what may...and love it, right?*

*hopefully come what may includes sleep tonight. fingers crossed.*



ClaysJenna said...

Oh girl no fun!! I totally know the crying not sleeping longer than 30 minutes and such...but mine ended up being reflux and colic!!! I agree it is so hard to listen to your baby cry!! Good luck I hope she sleeps for you!!!

Anonymous said...

oh ear infections are not fun! Actually when I was reading your list of symptoms... sounded like a typical ear infection to me. The nice thing is, within a day of the meds, she should be feeling better. Talking from experience here (I am on my 5th ear infection personally), make sure to give her tylenol... it is really very painful and the amoxicillin doesn't take away the pain. Good luck and I can't wait to hear about the daffodils and daisies! :)

Linda said...

My poor baby! So sorry to hear that it got this bad. YOU did great MARCI! It's part of the job! She will be well in no time. Make sure you give her the WHOLE thing at the right times. I love you all.

Linda said...

It was so good to hear your voice today. It did my soul GOOD! You are such wonderful parents! I will tell Ellie that every chance I get! I guarantee every day will be a little better. Keep her ultra warm! I will bring that cute snow suit. She will look like a " snow bunny"... it's adorable! We'll try it on on Friday.
When you have a minute.... call MIM's. She needs her big sister these days! She is so lucky to have you!
MOM ( again)

Ashley said...

Sad :(
I hate when little munchkins get ear infections. You're a good mommy, Marce. I hope you get some sleep tonight.

Megan said...

Hang in there! Sol is just getting 3 weeks of cold yuckiness and man it was a marathon! We'll pray for you and sweet ellie tonight. Sleep is so important. Dave gave Sol a blessing one particular night that he and I were both dying and he slept really well after that, he didn't nap but he'd sleep at night. Feel better!

Montgomery Family said...

I'm so sad for poor little Ellie. I hope the antibiotics kick in pronto and hopefully some tylenol or motrin to curb the pain. Paige has already had 2 ear infections, but sadly she does not wilingly take the yucky pink paste like Ellie. The first time we had to pin her down, pinch her cheeks, drop it in and then blow on her face so she would swallow. I was in tears with her after every dose. Finally we got smart and the second time around we mixed it with her bottle. But, ugg, no fun for mommy or baby. Hope she's feeling better soon. I agree with your mom, make sure you give it to her for the whole 10 days or whatever they said, even if she's feeling better! Good luck!!

Megan said...

I'm sorry to hear about the ear infections. Hayden had chronic ear infections from 5 months-9 months. You can buy over the counter drops that go in the ear that numbs 'em up so it's not so painful. This helped Hayden a lot and allowed for at least 3 or 4 hours of sleep during the night.

She should feel better soon with the antibiotics. Here's to hoping you get some sleep soon!

bartonbeat said...

wade has only had one ear infection so far, but they are not fun. messes up their "schedule." they told us this at the pediatrician's & it was great advice--put a blanket under her mattress to tilt her head up, so when she's sleeping it relieves some of the pressure in her ears. that helped so much. being sick is never fun--for anyone!

Tiffany Johnson said...

I'm so sorry you guys have all been sick.. especially little Ellie. That's the worst when your kids are sick. I hope it goes away soon. I love your posts. Always so creative!

angie said...

She is so adorable Marcie! Ear infections are the worst! It's so hard to see them in that much pain!

Dave, Cadance and Family said...

I am sorry she is sick that is no fun!!! Hope she starts to feel better soon!!

Celeste said...

Oh I'm sorry to hear that you guys have been sick! Poor little Ellie! We have also had our share of sickness lately (well mostly me). We want to get together. We would especially love for you to come plop down on our couch and raid our fridge so let me know when you guys are feeling better and we will make concrete, unbreakable plans!!!

* Anne * said...

Ear infections are definitely no fun. Aliyah got one when we were visiting family up north and we didn't know it. So, the ENTIRE 4 hour drive home she screamed. It was not fun. But as soon as we got that medicine in her she was her perky self again. Thank goodness for medicine. :D