Thursday, November 6, 2008

i want to be a scrapbooker.

before i begin my nightly ranting, let me just say: i'm a little embarrassed by how many of you remembered that colorful sweater of mine... i don't know what that says about me...or about the sweater. i'm not really sure i want to know...

ok, moving right along....

i need your help.

i don't consider myself a crafty person.
at all.

the thought of scissors and glue and die-cuts and cute printed paper all sounds nice and fluffy...and really...overwhelms me.

the problem is, i have this deep desire that burns into every corner of my being that aches to be a cutesy tootsy scrapbooker. but i sit down to do a page...hours later, i finish...unsatisfied...with a big mess and a hole in my pocket with all of the money i spent doing it. i stink at it.

my solution: digital scrapbooking.

i've tried getting into this scrapping style multiple times. while this version of the cutesy tootsiness is far less messy and far more manageable, i still find myself overwhelmed.

here's where you come in.

i've noticed on countless blogs of yours ADORABLE digital pages posted. i constantly admire unique cutesy header designs and backgrounds that i KNOW you did. how do you do it all? i guess my main plea is: where do i begin in this big universe of digi-scrapping? i'd love for you to share your favorite sites, the way you started, etc. please, come out of your comment closet and help an eager scrapbooker-wanna-be. i can't do it without you.

thank you in advance.



Torrie and the girls said...

Talk to Tiffany Johnson, she's a guru. and good luck, I have faith in you!

Amy said...

I have no idea how to do any of it- I too want to learn. I get frustrated with the mess and stress of figuring it all out.. So, when you get all of your tips together I'd love to hear what you figure out.

Here's a site that posts free pages and layouts pretty much every day....

Let me know what you come up with!

Megs said...

Yay! I love digital scrapbooking! And, the way I do it - it's FREE!!! How can it be better than that?

First, I downloaded GIMP - it's like Photoshop only FREE to download and use. It's based on Linux, which my husband teaches, so that's how I learned about it. It also just came with our Linux operating system so that's also how I heard about it. BUT...Long story can download it absolutely free and use it with Windows or Mac or whatever your operating system may be. So remember GIMP. :) Then, because there aren't many tutorials for GIMP online, I just messed around with it. It took me about a week of just trying different things out and then I felt like I had it. Plus, if you ever want to do something that's not so easy to figure out, I usually just find a Photoshop tutorial online and then try to translate that into GIMP terms...And I've always been successful. And again, it's totally worth it because it's FREE. ;)

Second, I did a search for "free digital scrapbooking" in google and found my absolute FAVORITE site - It's by far got the cutest paper I've found thus far and there are LOADS of free packages to start with! And then, once you download and use all the free packages, you can start purchasing them at an extremely low price - so much cheaper than going to the scrapbook store and spending a wad of cash! :) And, the website will give you instructions on how to download the paper, so it's really easy if you follow directions.

Hopefully this helped. If you have any other questions just email me - I think you still have it from when you invited me to Ellie's page. Happy to help! :)

Linda said...

When you figure it out... pass it along to me! I am afraid I passed along that " stress" in your genetics! You will figure it out and LOVE it. I can picture you getting hooked on that. " I believe you can fly!" Loves!

ClaysJenna said...

I agree 100% with Megan I LOVE shabbyprincess too!! I use photoshop elements but ive heard a lot of good with gimp just never used it! I also go to for my picture headers for blogger. easy and free also. Im no pro but me and my mom do digital scrapbooking together. once our pages are done we upload them to costco and print for cheap so I can put them in a scrapbook!! This probably didnt help but I do have a lot of sites that are good that I know or cheap...loet me know!!

Tiffany Johnson said...

Oh Marci... Marci, Marci Marci! Where do I begin??!! First of all, we need to just sit and get it all worked out. The best place to start is organizing everything into category. Once you have that done, it's not so overwhelming. I have a whole pamflet that I put together when I was teaching classes. I'll get one printed for you. But you just need to come over and hang out for a night. I'll get you all set up! :-) Be careful though, it's so addicting!