Friday, November 7, 2008

my baby is crazy.

so, i knew in the womb that little miss ellie was a wiggly creature...kicking me and jabbing me ALL day long, and ALL night long.

then, when she graced us with her presence...and never wanted to sleep...but rather be awake and kick those little legs and stretch all the time, i REALLY knew she was wiggly.

but i never could have guessed that at less than 5 months old...she'd be moving like this.
she is crazy.

f.y.i. she is still a little slow (thank goodness) and does take a little break at one don't expect some speedy little cruiser. but still.

she is absolutely loving her new-found mobility..being able to get where she put things in her mouth that she wants...the following video is proof:

yummy video camera!


Britney said...

She's so cute! I love the heavy breathing. haha

bartonbeat said...

she is MOVING! a lot! i can't believe her. actually i can. that is pretty amazing marce. she is such an old soul. she's adorable. i love how she was scooting out of her pants in the first video. can't wait to see more moves.

jaci said...

this girl has got some determination - just like her mommy! go get 'em ellie!

Linda said...

I found myself cheering her on... I am not sure if it was the back round music, ( hehehehe) or her little labored breathing! She is so athletic! Mike you better start shopping for Golf Clubs for her!!! Congratulations on a wonderful milestone. I loved these videos and hearing Mike laugh as she concentrated so hard to reach him! Awesome!
Your #1 Fan

Ju and Brack said...

So cute! I love it. I can't believe she is moving around like that. She is very determined. What a cutie!

Tiffany Johnson said...

she IS a crazy baby. But oh so cute too! I can't believe her. You have a superbaby on your hands. Little Addy is still so content to just lay there on her side and hang out. Not much moving other than that! :-)

Blush said...

!!!!yeah!!!! lil billy crawled and 5 months and walk/ran at 8 so watch out

Torrie and the girls said...

Its amazing what they can accomplish when they are motivated. Emma was very happy to sit in front of her toys and not move (probably because I was at her beck and call) while Charlotte at 2 weeks was rolling over to avoid being on her tummy. We miss Queen Elizabeth, she's adorable and its so fun to see how she has grown, keep up the good work.