Monday, October 6, 2008

it's reveal day!

have any of you ever watched clean house? oh man, i'm obsessed. but really, when i think about it, i don't love all the therapy sesh's that niecy nash gives the dirty, selfish people...i don't really like seeing all the scum and garbage spread from floor to ceiling...and i don't like how they convince them to give up all their sentimental stuff, even though it often is crap.

no, my favorite part of clean house is REVEAL DAY. the part where they show how gross and yucky the house once was...and how they transformed it into this beautiful, lovely, clean place. it's like magic. it always motivates me to get myself together. it makes me wish i was a little messier so that clean house could come and save me. sigh.

well, even though my blog wouldn't really be considered in need of clean is in need of a REVEAL DAY! the best part! i get to unveil the winner of my first-ever-blog-giveaway. (say that ten times fast).

thanks to my friend, d-dawg, i used this awesome list randomizer found here. basically, i entered everyone's names..and decided, the name they randomly put as #1 would be my winner.

drum roll please:

this is the list they gave me:
  1. Candace
  2. Josh & Hilary
  3. Aaron & Ashley
  4. Melissa
  5. Rach
  6. Marci & Daniel
  7. Debra
  8. Mike
  9. Kristi
  10. Kade & Jess
  11. Beachbummin
  12. Jason-Cassie-George
  13. Randy and Cassi Guthrie
  14. Jylaire
  15. The Oldham’s
  16. Lynne
  17. Mark
  18. Davis & Quinton
  19. Jeff
  20. Brittany
  21. Lindsaykeller
  22. Claysjenna
  23. Tiffany Johnson
  24. Linda
  25. Bookworm
  26. Alesa
  27. Jons and Celeste Leigh
  28. D-Dawg
  29. Lea Billings
  30. Devin
  31. Ju and Brack
  32. Amy
  33. Steph and Tony
  34. Alicia
what does this mean??? i'll tell you what it means:

CANDACE, you are my first-ever-blog-giveaway WINNER! congratulations!! would you mind emailing me your address ( so i can mail you YOUR very own october ensemble??

{just a friendly reminder of what you've won!}

thank you to all those who commented. this was so fun! i love you, readers!

didn't win? sad? don't fret, my pet! keep checking back for my first ever HOLIDAY giveaway...coming soon to a ballroomandbiscotti blog near you.



Candace said...

How crazy that I actually won something! Incredible. You and I must have great luck together. Thanks dear.

Josh and Hilary said...

WHAT?? I came in second? Thats so sad! oh well.

Anonymous said...

you are too cute... I wish I had known what was going on, sorry. I'm sad but I will soooo be watching for your next giveaway!

Linda said...

Congratulations Candace! I am Marci's MOM. I won something once... I won a book at a DESERET BOOK drawing on ladie's night out called " I Hated Heaven"... and I hated the tittle so I never read it!
Marci, Thank You for the laughs. You must write a book some day... I will be your agent! Have a great one! I love you to the Highest Mountain,
Te quiere,

ClaysJenna said...

Marc, that was such a cute idea! Congrats to Candace on the win!! I love reading your blog, your mom is right...write a book:) I'd buy it:)

D-dawg said...

Candace is a lucky girl. I'm glad the number generator thingy worked for you- it is much easier. Fun giveaway! It makes me want to do one too!

Chase and Katie Oborn said...

If you're serious about P90X, leave your email in a comment on my blog (I will not publish it) so I can email details about the club.

Megs said...

Hey Marci...Fun little contest you had. I realized I never told you this, and I wanted to - I love how you nicknamed your baby Elizabeth *Ellie* instead of Liz or Lizzie. Love it. Unique. :) K, that's it. :)

Aaron & Ashley said...

Oh man! I was so close! That's okay though, every time I don't win something I just remember that semester that I won free textbooks from the BYU bookstore...I will always have that.