Tuesday, October 7, 2008

my mom.

{we love you, mom!}

i'd like to give a shout out to my mother, my momma, mi madre, mi mamy, my M-O-M.

on this day, not so many years ago...in a beautiful paradise called havana, cuba, my mom was born.

i'm so stinkin glad that happened. for several reasons:

1. her existence means my existence. without her, i would not be breathing the beautiful oxygen that i am breathing.
2. she is hilarious. which brings a quote to mind: "this salad is SO HILARIOUS..." just one of the many wonderfully funny things my mom has said (this one while dating my dad and learning english).
3. she makes the best food EVER. like, when i think of eating my all time favorite meal, it involves a pot, rice, chicken, several spices...and most importantly, HER (cooking it, that is).
4. everyone loves her. in fact, i'm pretty sure all my friends in high school actually came over to my house not to hang out with me, but rather to hang out with my mom. she's that cool.
5. she loves everyone back. the flower man at ben franklin, the nail ladies at california nails, the groomer at Pets Mart, Mary of Mary's Post Net (a mail store), dogs of all shapes and kinds, my friends, my brother's and sister's friends, my husband, my husband's family, my baby...and, of course, ME.

so, today, i'm so grateful for my favorite cuban friend. my mom. like the movie, two weeks notice puts it, "she's the voice in my head." she really is.

i love you, mom! happy, happy birthday.



Joe, Amber and Ken Bowden said...

That is so sweet. Your mom is beautiful and always has a way of making everyone feel like a friend.

Linda said...

My Cup runneth over. Te quiero mas de lo que las palabras pueden expresar. Gracias por ser la hija de mis sueƱos! Un abrazote aoretadito para el Principe Mike, La Princesa Marci, y la Reina Ellie.

Davis and Quinton said...

i loved your mom at your bridal shower (shes my kinda gal).... and how hilarious you were opening her gift... she is a good mama!

Amy said...

I love your mama too! Soooo much! And I'm glad she was born, so you could be born and you could all be our backyard neighbors.... those were good times! :)

Jons and Celeste Leigh said...

I LOOOOOVE your mom! She's such a beautiful, wonderful woman!

bartonbeat said...

we love miss linda & wish her a happy birthday too. i didn't realize your birthdays were so close together... just another reason why you two are so similar. :)

Jylaire said...

Your mom is one of my all time favorite people! She is amazing!

Blush said...

I love your mommy too! tell her best wishes form me :) miss you :)

Ju and Brack said...

There aren't words to describe how wonderful you mom is. I have looked up to her and have loved her since I met her. I am glad that you realize how truly wonderful she is! I am glad that because of her you are here too! Love you both!

Beachbummin said...

We love Linda too! HAppy belated Birthday Linda!
Love you,
Craig and Reena Bostock