Sunday, October 5, 2008

get excited..

hope you're as excited as m&m&e are for the reveal of my first giveaway winner! check back tomorrow for updates. no clue what i'm talking about? click here.



Debra said...

I can hardly wait!

Linda said...

It was great to see you all. I love this smiley face on Ellie. It's like " chips" ... you can't ever have just one! Hugs for all!
Falling with the leaves,

Beachbummin said...

I love her cute smiley face. She looks just like you and your mom. She is absolutely beautiful.

Amy said...

Love that little face!!!

My camera is a canon rebel xt- I love it. I was debating between a canon and a nikon, and to be honest, the reason I went with the canon was because we got such a great deal on it. We found it on cragislist and she was desperate to sell so we got it for a great price. It's easy to use and the picture quality is great. So, I would definitely recommend it.

To tell you the truth, the only reason I joined SITS was because they were having a giveaway for a "cricut" and I wanted to win! (no luck...) but the do giveaways every week and I've found some great inspiration and ideas from the bloggers they feature. It's worth checking out...

Love you friend, can't wait to hear the lucky winner of your giveaway! :) (and I had a dream about you last night... totally random, but you and Ellie sure were cute!)

Ken Hoglund said...

so cute!!