Sunday, October 26, 2008


fall is always good for randomness and fun.
like this:

other randomness and fun fall things we did this weekend include:

we had some much needed time with wonderful friends:

Ellie got her flirt on with baby Wyatt (which mostly entailed of him sleeping through her massive drooling...very attractive):

we cheered on the cougars...

to win by less than a butt-crack:

as usual, we oogled and ahhh'd over our adorable cute baby Ellie:

my sisters, mom, aunt, cousin and me all got our witch on at Gardner Village:

where we looked fabulous,

where we danced like mad women:

where mom crashed into a tree:

and where we exhausted ourselves to the ultimate degree.

oh fall weekend, won't you come back again to play??

p.s. stay tuned for the reveal of our first ever chapman halloween costume ensemble! you won't wanna miss it.


D-dawg said...

Great photos. I especially loved the one of Ellie and Wyatt... I am totally rooting for them in 22 years.

Beachbummin said...

It looks like you had a wonderful weekend. You 4 have got to be the funnest witches in town. I love the picture of Linda crashing into the tree. I laughed so hard, I think I just woke up my husband. I blog in bed. Whoops gave away my secrets. Oh-well. Take care.

* Anne * said...

I wish there was stuff like that down here. How fun to spend time with your family like that. :)

Linda said...

Hellooww my little witch! I had a " Fahhhbulous" time with you this weekend. Ellie looks so cute and BIG! Can't wait to see you all this weekend. Call me. We'll make plans to drop of costumes. Cute pics Marci. I loved the one of YOU with the tights. Wonder what would happen if I posted a picture of myself in tights????? hehehehehe . Not good mental picture. Wyatt is adorable! Great snap shot!

Ashlee and Jake said...

Oh how fun! I wish I had a fun family like that! that would be so fun!

RaCh said...

you girls are so fun! What a lucky girl you are to have such a fun Mamma and Sisters.

Our Family said...

Marce I so need your help! Kyle and I are going to a costume party Sat. and we have NEVER dressed up. I have no idea what to wear. Please call me and help me. I have the same number. I'd love to have you and your adorable baby over to play soon!

Blush said...

whoa I missed alot! you look like you have been busy and having oodles of fun! xoxo