Thursday, October 23, 2008

mixed up brains.

"Mrs. Chapman, say 'knock-knock.' "

"Ok, 'knock-knock.' "

"Who's there?"

long awkward pause.

"Wait, I don't think I know the joke... you do."

"Oh yeah." giggle. pause.


"Who's there?"

"Orange you glad I didn't say banana!?"


long awkward pause, again.


confused? ok, go ahead and read it again.
what my 5-year old friend says is in red.
what i say is in orange.

don't worry, i'll wait.

done? ok.

yes, she gave me the punch-line a bit too soon.
and then told me the pre-punch line in the punch-line's spot.

sometimes kindergarten brains get a little mixed up.
i'm glad they get mixed up. because they make me laugh.


erin said...

hahahaha. that made me laugh.

David & Staci said...

So I laughed so hard, it got my little 9 month old in hysterics. Poor kid thought I was laughing at him!:) Thanks for the happiness!:)

Candace said...

HAHA. Your job has to be pretty entertaining at times! I teach the 5-year-old kids in primary, and they tell me the craziest things. Seems like one mom just got pregnant and I'm pretty sure the cat isn't out of the bag, but my little one is too excited to not talk about it. :-)

Linda said...

Marci: If your kkids would have seen you as a witch in the Village... they would have laughed so hard at YOU!!!! You are hilarious. ( Notice this time I used the word in the correct context, thank you very much.)
Besitos, and cackles,