Sunday, August 31, 2008

sun in the sky.

i woke up this morning at around 3:30 a.m. for a usual early-morning feeding. at around 4:00 i put E down, but could not convince my sleepy eyes to go back down, too. i walked out into our front room and heard rain pouring down on our carport. it really was going to rain on Ellie's blessing day...which wouldn't be a big deal if we lived in a house that could accommodate our families.... feeling stress creep over me like it always does, i took a hot shower, dried my hair (straight, of course, for the occasion) and let the OCD in me take over as i reorganized my bathroom drawers, checked the bogs, cleaned the bathroom floor again, dusted the front room again, checked the blogs again, and did the infamous eyebrow plucking (YUCK).

a few short hours later, E awoke, ready to eat again. after her morning buffet, i walked out to the front room....and the sun was breaking through the clouds. wasn't it just raining? i thought i did a double take and looked again. zero rain. i felt peace come over me.

Ellie's blessing was beautiful. i was so worried that she was going to scream throughout the whole thing (wouldn't have put it past her) but believe it or not, as M started, she looked up at him and smiled...and just stared at him the whole time. he has the theory that things were finally as she thought they ought to be- her on her throne in her royal gown. haha, what a Queen she is. and i'm so grateful for this little queen in my life- she is so sweet, so lovely. M and i are so lucky to have her.

you know, i think sometimes life tries to swallow us in its overwhelmingness... it can seem so challenging, can't it? but then, life gives us little gifts like today- where i honestly have to double take and realize there is zero rain: the sun has been shining all the while. my life is beautiful.

pretty, happy girl

E + Grandma C- the mastermind behind the gown!

mommy + E

Gammy + E

Grandmas, Mommy + E

my sweet girl

precious face and beautiful eyes
happy little family

Hartley family

my loves, daddy & Ellie

whatcha lookin at, foolio?

sweet moment

she makes us so happy!


Josh and Hilary said...

It looks like you had a wonderful day. Your baby is BEAUTIFUL! I cannot wait to meet her. I hope all is well with you, Mike and E! Good luck to Mike on finishing school. I cannot wait for that day for us...its a little ways off! If you ever need a quick get away, you are ALWAYS welcome to come to vegas. You always have a place to stay! Miss you girl!

ClaysJenna said...

I'm so glad the weather cooperated!! That dress is gorgeous!! I love your cute little family!!

Linda said...

I am so happy that you have a sweet memory of Ellie's Blessing... we do too. The pictures speak volumes of the family love that we share. There isn't anything sweeter in this world than to see one's family basking in the blessings of the Gospel. Thank YOu for being so good to us. We love every little bit of you! When we count OUR blessings, we count YOU twice!

jaci said...

what a beautiful little fam. love it!

JoSue said...

Congrats on the blessing! She looks adorable and it sounds like things went smoothly!!

Ju & Brack said...

I'm so glad that the day went so good for you! She looks beautiful. I love that dress. I need to meet your little one so please call me so we can come down and see all of you! Also add me to Ellie's blog please ;) Thanks. Love you!

The Hale Fam said...

I love checking in on your blog- your baby is so cute I love the chubby cheeks. I am so happy for you.

Marci & Daniel said...

congrats little e! love your dress.

Tiffany Johnson said...

she is a doll... and it was a beautiful blessing! Mike did a great job. It's so nerve wracking on these guys! We were so glad we could be there! and we are so glad you guys are back!

mccall said...

Marce- your little girl is so darling! She is so lucky to have you as her mother!

P.S... I noticed my link on your blog is my old blog that was deleted. My new blog is:

Blush said...

that head shot you have of her is to die for...she looks like a cabbage patch kid! love it

Erika said...

Oh my word! How sweet! I love her dress! So glad the pics went well! So where does E go during your school?

Aaron & Ashley said...

What a beautiful little gal...and a beautiful blessing day after all! My B-day was the next day and I felt the same way...sad that it was raining but then it turned out to be the loveliest fall day ever!

erin said...

she is darling.

Jons and Celeste Leigh said...

Oh, she's so beautiful! And your mom is too dang cute. We love you all- can't wait to finally meet your new addition. Um, also, you should give me access to Ellie's blog!