Sunday, February 10, 2008

life is like a bowl of cherries.

so, i'd say i haven't been all crazy weird when it comes to the "pregnancy cravings" thing. sure, my diet has changed. i mean, i've basically become a pregnant vegetarian- which is bizarre because in my normal body, i absolutely love meat- in all it's forms: chicken, steak, pulled pork, turkey, ham...the list goes on and on. but aside from the weirdness of gagging at the taste of all that hearty protein, i haven't really had severe desires for certain things. that is, until now.

about a month ago, i went on a shopping raid to Costco (always fun...and expensive). we had just gotten back from Christmas break, so our pantry/fridge looked pretty dang bleak. this is my favorite time to go to Costco because you can really "stock up" on all the goods. well, i got the normal stuff like lettuce, granola bars, chicken (for M of course), cereal (blah, blah, blah). And then i saw in the produce section these delectable-looking cherries. now, they were $10 for one of those not-big-enough plastic containers...but they looked so yummy that i could not resist the indulgence. so i bought them. i did not realize then what i was doing to myself.

you see, for the last 4 weekends, i have gone back every Saturday just to buy these cherries. they had this exquisite sweetness to them that not even candy or chocolate could satisfy.

so this past Saturday, i made my now "regular routine Costco stop" for the cherries. now let me make this clear: i did not need anything from Costco this past Saturday. i went to Costco for the sole purpose of buying these cherries.

so i got to Costco, headed straight to the back corner labeled "Produce" and began to search for these delicious bites of goodness. but, NO cherries. i walked around the tiny, square, refrigerated room again- and NO cherries. i went outside and thought maybe they moved these packages of sweetness- yet, NO cherries. i suddenly felt like a little kid whose mom told her that she'd be able to get an ice cream cone at the end of the day if she was good...but then the mom forgets and the ice cream store closes by the time she remembers.

today, i instinctively opened the fridge to grab my daily handful of scrumptious fresh cherries. after i looked around for a while, i remembered, "there are none." i felt a feeling come over me that said, "you must do something to get these cherries." nothing, of course, came to mind. after all, it isn't even cherry season.

this, therefore, is my plight: if anyone knows or sees of a place selling cherries, let me know, ASAP. i'm a crazy woman who would do or pay just about anything for them. i'm afraid this craving is not going to go away until i have a tasty bowl of cherries sitting in front of me.

p.s. maraschinos WON'T do.


Kade & Jess said...

Sweet Marcia- I wish I could be of some help with the Cherry hunt, but I regret to inform you that I am not aware of any secret cherry farm anywhere! But I will keep my eyes open. P.S. you are the cutest pregnant person ever! I hope someday I can follow in your in your belly path way! Anywho, we are actually living in Utah. Just 1/2 mile from the Idaho border, thus Preston High School. Reading your blog seriously has made me miss you! This may be complicated but, Mike's friend Jacob Murray's sister is my sister inn law. I remember Jacob asking me if I knew you. I have heard such good things about Mike. Anywho, so what are you guys up to, where are you living, etc?

Brooke said...

oh marcia!!!! Im so sorry you cant find your cherries! and the meat thing is kinda lame. I would go crazy with out steak and salmon! oh salmon :) yum! I will keep my eyes out for you. I got you a little gift and iM so excited to give it to you ...its for when we got your baby girls pics cute i can hardly stand it :)
and thanks for always be so sweet about my pictures. Im still really hard on my self so its fun to hear so many nice things! :) love you lots! we have to play soon!!!!!!!

Aaron & Ashley said...

Marce! I'm so glad I found your blog! Congrats on the pregnancy...being a mom is the most rewarding thing ever! (After the first couple weeks that is, but that's just my opinion :) You're lucky that you're craving something healthy...when I was pregnant all I wanted was ice cream and soda...not the best recipe for keeping the weight gain down!

Erika said...

That is sooo funny! I love Costco too! I agree with you though, always an expensive trip!

RaCh said...

they have some at my costco up here in boise . . . get in your car and get up here now!

Ok fine, I don't know if there are any cherries at our costco, but I still want you to come up!

Kade & Jess said...

PS cherries located today at the Sam's Club in Logan. Hopefully that helps. Good Luck!

Sunflower said...

Hello Marcia,
I just found your blog and was so happy to see that you are in Utah! So are we! (My husband and I). I so loved your tribute to President Hinckley! So sweet and so true! I miss him so much!
I thought it was great that you like children's books! So do I. I write children's books myself but haven't had any published yet. I am also an artist as is my husband. Hope you'll visit my site and blog, too. So happy to have found your blog! You sound like a very happy, energetic person!