Sunday, January 27, 2008

no hands!

in M&M land, we have a little too much fun.

this weekend, we went to soldier's hollow and went sledding. i was a little skeptical of falling with little baby c in my tummy...but it turned out to be yet another unforgettable M&M experience, with (thankfully) no falls.

p.s. it was very cold.


p.s. #2 we really are moving in this video down a pretty steep mountain...though at times it doesn't look like it. M would claim that it is his "excellent" video skills.

p.s. #3 i just watched this again and realized: M&M are really big dorks.


Anne said...

That looked like lots of fun. :) I'm so glad there's no snow down here.

Kate Parker said...

Ah Marce...I believe that I can recall a sledding event that went down at soldier hollow way back when. That looks like buckets of delicious fun! I think that I will have to make a date and go up there. You are always full of such good ideas. But I can't remember- does that place have one of those ropes that pulls you back up the hill? Because I definitely need one of those. Walking is SO hard. You look so cute and I love that our blogs brought us together. Love you!

JoSue said...

Clark went last weekend and did that tubing thing too! I unfortunately couldn't make it because of a school thing but I really felt like I was there since watching your video. Thanks for sharing that...:) Luckily it wasn't dropped on the way down.

n i c k said...

I'm loving that signature Mike Chapman laugh/yell/wahoo... it makes me happy!

Why don't you guys sled on up to I-to-the-D-to-da-Ho so we can play in the snow together!!

Megs said...

You're so cute and pregnant...I love it!

Brooke said...

how much do i love this!!!! your to cute

melissa said...

that looks like TONS of fun! i wish i could do it! and, you two are so cute-and, in reference to your letter to pres. Hinckley, it's beautiful. I love your blog-it's a good one :-) you're very talented.