Sunday, December 2, 2007

united we barf.

one wonders, what could be worse than barfing? well, i think M and I have figured out what's worse...barfing together.

after a week of not being able to stomach anything more than dry toast and popcorn (what a combo), yesterday I had a breakthrough beginning with a breakfast of pancakes. i ate two whole pancakes! yesssss. the day went on...i couldn't eat anything else, but chips and queso from chili's sounded pretty good. mike was starving and wanted chili's too- and so did dev and kim.

we got to chili's...and mike already was feeling a little sick. i was sorely disappointed to find out that the queso i had been craving had beef in it. for some reason i haven't been able to eat meat (surprise surprise) so i had to settle on another option.... and mike went for the burger.

well, the burger apparently was the worst option for M. right after he finished it, he said "i don't feel too good." a few short hours later, i had fallen asleep and M ran out of the bed for the bathroom....i went to the kitchen to get him a glass of water...i brought it in to him and then, it happened. united we barfed.

it was an interesting, new experience for the two of us. one i hope never happens again, but a memory i'll remember forever.


devin said...

Sorry to take enjoyment out of your misfortune but that was hilarious! I think I'll have that memory for a long time too!

Leah said...

That's the pits!!! It makes for a REALLY funny story, though. I can't wait until your baby is 5 and you can tell him/her all about it. Hope you guys both feel better.

I love the wedding picture you posted. You two are so cute. You are going to have THEE cutest baby.

Andrew & Jenna said...

i love that you blog! and love that you are pregnant-congrats!

ClaysJenna said...

You poor thing. Both of you. That is horrible...slightly funny...but still no fun! Hope you aren't sick your whole pregnancy:)

Denae said...

Marcy, thanks for your comment on my blog. Ok, this story is so so funny! Truly a moment that neither of you will ever forget. You must have felt so bonded afterward! But so yucky too. I'm curious, did you both make it in the toilet?