Sunday, November 25, 2007

cougars strike again

i think this year's byu-utah game was the perfect induction for baby chappy into the cougar football world. there was laughter, jumping, screaming, frustration, heart-racing, sadness, excitement...and the pure elation that comes along with inevitable cougar victory.

i mean, who wouldn't love seeing max hall make a 49 yard completion on 4th and 18 to austin collie with just over 90 seconds of play, while trailing 10 to 9?? or more excitedly, who wouldn't jump at the sight of harvey unga trucking through the red wall for a game-winning TD?

it was wonderful to spend the game with mike, the byu football passionate of the century, my brother sean and my sister-in-law courtney, and (how fun is this:) mike's dad and his brother mark, who just flew out for the day from california for the game. there were hugs, high-fives and smiles all around.

my sympathy goes out to all those utes out there- better luck next year.


Marci & Daniel said...

Marci! It's Marci! I'm so glad I came across your blog (I'm not a blog-stalker...I promise). First, congratulations on baby #1! I'm so excited for you. Dan and I also joined the ranks of bloggers: Hope all is well!

Brooke said...

boo byu ;)