Friday, November 23, 2007

thankful memories

Our Thanksgiving Holiday breezed on by as quick as a cricket! We spent hours and hours cooking and watching Christmas movies to get in the holiday spirit. It was so fun to just hang out...even if each day started with my friend John...and even if i wanted to eat the turkey...but just couldn't.

Court and I at the Thankful Festivities!

I made this! I'm a little proud of it...

My aunt Marianne made this potatoes last Thanksgiving that have become our family's little joke- My mom gave her a recipe for twice-baked potatoes. You're supposed to boil the potatoes, cut off the top, mash the insides and put them back in the skin. Well, when she hear you were supposed to "cut the top off" she thought this literally meant the TOP (if the potato is standing vertical) and then she had to carve the potato out. This process took her like 45 minutes to an hour per potato!!! Anyways, now we call these potatoes "Soldier Potatoes." I asked her if she was going to make the Soldier Potatoes for Thanksgiving this year...and she laughed. She made me my very own soldier potato to remember the blessed event.I love this boy.

Holding the tummy that wreaked havoc the whole break!

I wish that it didn't all happen so fast...but it did. And now what was so anticipated is now just another thankful memory!

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