Sunday, December 9, 2007

this is my grown-up christmas list

many of my cute friends have posted their "wish-lists" for christmas on their blogs...and, well, it inspired me. now, i don't think i ever remember making a wish list for any holiday or occasion. i don't really know why- i guess i just have that little kid in me that loves the element of suspense and surprise that comes with not knowing what you're going to get. still, M keeps on hinting that he would like some guidance this year...and, well it just seemed so fun!

(i'd like to preface this by saying this: i truly do have everything that i could hope for right now. i'm so happy with the man of my dreams, a baby-to-be, and wonderful family and friends! this list simply caters to my greedy side)

My Wish-list (from the elaborate to the simple)
1. A Kitchen Aid Mixer
2. Children's Books (i can't get enough!)
3. A New Apron (I like this one and this one best)
4. A Yoga Mat
5. New Converses
6. A Digital SLR Camera- like this one (in my dreams)
7. Anything for baking (cookie cutters, recipe books, etc)
8. Movies- any! Disney, HAIRSPRAY, old movies, etc.
9. Lip Gloss in Nymphette
10. Piano music from Pride and Prejudice
11. Navy Vans
12. An ultrasound to know if it's a boy or a girl!
13. One of these adorable Diaper Bags
14. Frank Sinatra's Greatest Hits

A little self-indulgent...but everyone needs some wishes!


Andrew & Jenna said...

now i've got to do a list! looks fun. congrats on baby!

Davis and Quinton said...

My sister has the cutest petunia pickle bottom! You should definitely get one. Hers broke and they sent her brand new one!

I have to admit that I was surprised you wanted so many things when you already have a Wii! haha xo

Anonymous said...

I bought a Petunia Pickle Bottom when I got pregnant and you will never regret it. Best diaper bag ever. If you have enough saved I would reccomend buying the boxy one and one of the little purse ones, because sometimes when you are going somewhere quick you don't want to take the whole house with you so this one just lets you take a little.

Alicia said...

i'm actually trying to get my sis in law a PPB bag now that i've seen your link! thanks.

Andrew & Jenna said...

still at nordstrom-come and visit!