Saturday, December 8, 2007

i'm "it"

so unbeknown to me, i've been playing some game of tag and now i'm "it" (according to pretty miss davis). this means that i have the task at hand to describe 6 things you may not know about me. this is a difficult task for me, since for those of you who know me know that i have a BIG mouth. nonetheless, i'm "it" so i will try.

1. i love old things. old movies (some favorites include Casablanca, Singin' in the rain, Wizard of Oz and Holiday Inn), old music (can't get enough of the Rat Pack or the Buena Vista Social Club), and vintage fashion (40's inspired shoes (I LOVE SHOES), jackets and skirts). in fact, i am watching Casablanca as we speak with a romantic heart, wishing that my hair could look as stunning as Ilsa's and that a size 8 was still the ideal figure.

2. i wish i was a musician. i think i'm quirky enough- but not talented enough. i play the piano, the saxophone, the clarinet...and a little bit of guitar, but none of them really well- which is my dream. i think most of all, i wish i could sing. my mom has one of the best voices anyone has ever heard, and i always wonder, how in the world did that gene skip me? a little greedy, i know. but you can't really have a solo or be on stage in a broadway production (another dream) without the voice to match.

3. i hate the phone. i always have. i hate making phone-calls, even to people i really know. i also rarely will answer the phone if i don't recognize the number. the interesting thing is i'm pretty sure the phone hates me back. my phones always break- very shortly after i get them. right now, i am suffering with a phone that has a completely cracked screen. i can't tell who's calling- so if i miss the call, i don't even know it. anyway, i don't really know why this loathing exists- maybe i had some horribly awkward conversation in the past that i've some how suppressed into my memory. i apologize if you have been the recipient of this hate-hate relationship.

4. i love cold showers. i think this is because when i was little, i used to have the hottest temper of any 3-year old in a 1,000 mile radius. i would get so worked up (about things like my dad taking a bite of my cotton candy- clearly rational behavior) that i would start hyperventilating and i could hardly breathe. my parents didn't know what to do to calm me down- so they'd put me (with clothes and all) in a cold shower to help cool me down. to this day, they have a calming, soothing effect on me.

5. i would choose staying in on a friday night with my honey, snuggling while watching movies and eating popcorn over just about anything. to me, there's nothing as ideal or romantic.

5 1/2. i might choose chips and salsa over popcorn. i could eat chips and salsa at every meal- it's my signature.

6. i adore tennis. M and i love to play together- and someday i will be very good at it. (that someday is the day i'll finally earn the cute tennis skirt).


jaci said...

HEY MARCI! How the heck are you? I found your blog and remembered how much I adore you. Congrats on the pregnancy! I need to get caught up -- everyone is pregnant these days! It's so good to see you. I love ya!

Marci & Daniel said...

Loved learning (and remembering - i.e. the salsa) these verdaderos about you. Okay, let's have a real (non-telephone) conversation. Leave me a comment on my blog with your email (which I will not publish) and I'll write you back later this week when finals are over. xoxo

Alicia said...

I also hate the phone. I never pick up numbers I don't know and if they don't leave a message, I sure won't call back. I like texts however. Also, I have bad experiences with my cell phone. Sometimes I think that there is something haywire in my body that emits bad energy and kills my cell phones.

jeffandamy said...

I totally agree about the phone hate-hate relationship! My phone just "jumped" into the toilet 2 weeks ago! :) I also agree with the night in and cuddling up to a movie... it's seriously the best! Miss you girl! (P.S. I had a very odd dream about you and your prego belly and your familia... strange!)