Friday, July 27, 2007

Harry Potter goes midnight

Well, I'm proud to say I'm one of those monsters who is infatuated with that Harry Potter fellow and all of his books. I was so excited to read book 7 to get all of my unanswered questions answered. For instance: is Snape good or bad? If he's good, why in Merlin's pants did he kill Dumbledore? Why has he been so cruel to Harry all these years? Is Dumbledore really dead? Or is he somehow still living through some immortal object only attainable through the wizarding world? Will Harry live? Will Ron and Hermione get over themselves and finally hook up? Such tantalizing questions with even better answers. With so much anticipation for these answers, I got up the nerve to make my somewhat "closet" infatuation public by attending the Harry Potter Midnight Party at Barnes and Noble. It would have not sufficed me, however, to go it alone...therefore, I dragged my disinterested husband to the obsessor's party with me. And let me tell you what! I have to admit that I was entirely entertained and secretly in Harry Potter heaven! There were people there of all shapes and sizes, personalities and lack thereof's. What I found most intriguing was the handful of individuals that everyone knew that they secretly believed there really is a Hogwarts. While I admit that I have often wished for such a place, their belief extends into the realm of certainty that is quite difficult not to chuckle at.
Nevertheless, the party was jammin. There was a potions station where mentos in a liter of sprite combusted to the ceiling. There was a station called "Azkaban," where they didn't do anything evil or have any dementors, but rather gave me a nice chunk of chocolate. Go figure. There was a trivia section where my obsession trickled out of my brain. There was a wandmaking section where wands were made that surely looked like they belonged in Ollivander's shop and other's just looked like another branch from a tree. There was mask station, where we made masks that were supposed to resemble those of the dementors but really came much closer to resembling mardigras masks.
All in all, the experience was ravishing. My only regret is that this was the only party I attended.

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