Thursday, January 18, 2007

whistle while you work.

Work is an interesting thing. Sometimes all you can think about is wanting a day off. Other times, you realize that it is the work that you do that defines who you are. Today I am in the definition phase.

I love my job. Can many people say that? It's an interesting thing, too, because I almost wasn't hired.

I remember calling the BYU library in August 2006 while Mike and i were living in Murrieta, CA. the job description sounded really cool: "provide secretarial support for 5 library administrators." I can do that, I thought. I can still feel that overwhelming feeling I had while trying to find a job, not only because we were going to need the money, but because i was two whole states away.

One random day, while I was sun screening it up (hot days in Murrieta) I got a phone call from Meagan at the library...and she set up a phone interview for the following day! I thought to myself, that's kind of awkward- I mean, can they really tell by my voice if they don't like me? then I thought of Lina Lamont on Singin' in the Rain, and came to the conclusion that you can DEFINITELY decide whether or not you like someone by just hearing their voice. I made a mental note that if I really wanted this job, I had to not sound like Lina.

The day of the phone interview: I'd say it went pretty the beginning. This girl named Meagan called me, and we talked with some lady named Wendy. I was really nervous. They asked me some good questions, like, why would you be a good hire? and why are you interested in working in the library? I think i gave some good responses. Then came a toughie- they asked me, what would you say one of your weaknesses are? Oh man, I thought. I have so many weaknesses. lots of strengths, but lots of weaknesses. I don't remember what I said, but I remember being extremely overwhelmed by the question and I remember wishing that the interview would have ended just 3 minutes sooner. Oh well, I thought. Better luck next time.

Then, the obvious, I didn't hear back from them.

I continued looking for other jobs. But job hunting is like trying to get a four year old to stay quiet during a movie: impossible. I had little luck, and various other turn-downs.

2 weeks went by...I still didn't hear back from them.

So I called them. I at least just wanted to hear the "no."

But they wouldn't give me a no.

Finally, we came back to Utah, and I stubbornly decided, you know what, I'm just going to go in there. I don't care if they tell me no to my face. But if they see me, they'll know how much I really want this.

so I did.

I met Wendy that day. And we had an on-the-spot interview. I was in flip-flops and a t-shirt. And somehow everything in that interview went just right.

Every question they had, I was somehow able to answer confidently, without a stutter. I know that someone was in there with me, guiding me as I tried my best to be "the one" for the job. Wendy let me know of scheduling issues, and really tried to get me to change my schedule around. It was just impossible. I'm a senior, I informed her. Most of the classes I am taking are ones that I can only take this semester.

So I walked out of there under the notion that due to my stupid schedule I wouldn't get the job. That was on a Wednesday.

Friday came.

I got a phone call at around 4:45 from Wendy. My heart sank.

I was certain she wasn't going to offer me a position.

But then, she did. She said, We would just like to offer you a place with us here at the library!

I was shocked. i almost dropped the phone. i was in my kitchen, faced toward the stove and I thought, I'm so grateful to whoever was in that interview with me. I told her I could start Monday.

From that Monday in late August up to today, this Thursday in January, my life has been so blessed from having this job. I have made the best associations. I love the people in the library. they are like characters in a play that all form an intricate part in this detailed puzzle called the HBLL. I love my boss. She is hilarious; one of the funniest people I know. She is one of those people that everyone should know. She makes you feel good, makes you want to try your best, and is a great role model and example of a good person. I love the students I work with. they are all so different.

So like I said, I am in the definition phase. I love to go to work. I love my job- it really has contributed to who I am and who i want to be. it has helped me realize that I am no one unless I am me.

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