Tuesday, February 20, 2007

average, unaverage and sidenotes.

today is just an average day. though some events make it above average.

i got out of bed this morning at 5:47...twelve minutes after my alarm rang. i don't know why it feels so good to sleep 12 extra minutes when i know i shouldn't, but it does. so i stripped of the pj's frantically, whipped on a sports bra and a tank, brushed the pearly whites and was off for another morning at the gym.

as a side note, might i add, the gym is an interesting place. i like to call it "the zoo." in a zoo, there are many types of animals, of many shapes and sizes. some animals are hairy, some animals aren't. some animals are loud, some animals keep to themselves. some animals are huge, some animals are teeny. in the gym there are hairy people, unhairy people, loud grunting people, very quiet people, big people, small people... it's a zoo. sometimes i like to just be the spectator at the zoo...though i always abide by the rule, "don't feed the animals." it's much safer that way.

anyways, so i went to the gym and exercised. for some reason, when my day starts out this way, i just feel much better. i feel good about myself. i feel good about life. i feel energized. i feel like i am not taking for granted the wonderful body that God gave me.

after the gym, i came home and took a hot shower. i was happy about this because mike robbed me of it yesterday. i guess it was a good thing because it made me appreciate it more. and as usual, the morning swallowed itself and i was in my first class.

i've had dr. weatherford for 2 other classes. he's so energetic and passionate. it truly is contagious. i'm grateful for people like him. he loves what he does. he truly lives what he does. it inspires me. so we received back our exams from last week, and i received a 96%...an A. what a relief. how awesome! why does it feel so good to get a good grade? i think it's one of the few things in life that you an actually see a result of your hard work paying off. some people hate grades. at times, i hate them too. but today, at that moment, i loved that grade. i wanted to always be friends with that grade.

then it was work. it was a four hour shift today, as usual. i was kind of lethargic. but it happens.

class #2 was cancelled today. which i was ok with.

then i had to study.

then i studied more.

then brother choi, my Korean world religions teacher, took the stage in class #3. what an interesting person. he has led a masterful life. his father, against his own father's wishes, joined the Presbyterian church from the Confuscianist beliefs. he then became a Presbyterian minister. for cultural reasons, as the first son, my teacher Brother Choi was to be a Presbyterian minister as well. so he studied in school to become such. he received his Master's Degree and then his Doctorate degree all in religion. as he studied the Church of Jesus Christ, he knew it was true. Happily Ever After, here he is at BYU teaching World Religions as an Ex-Presbyterian Minister against his family's consent. it is people such as he, with such conviction and passion, that inspire me to reach higher, to be more, to look deeper.

in brother choi's class we also received back our tests. it wasn't as good as the first one, but still above average. i was pleased.

off to Chicano culture for a test-taking.

taking tests has never really been my thing. i mean, for some reason, i have never been real good at the whole "educated guess" thing. if i don't' know it front and back, i won't be able to guess it right on a test. it's just not in the cards for me.

i got out my pencil, clicked it once or twice for some good lead, and there i went. it was surprising to me to see how much leaked out of my head onto the paper. before i knew it, the 90 minute block was up, and i was walking out of class #4.

now, here i am. so like i said, just a day, just an ordinary day. with some out of the ordinary pluses.

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