Wednesday, January 17, 2007

all journeys have a beginning.

tonight, there are too many things on my mind. here, i begin a journey to help keep my thoughts straight...or at least watch them as they continue to go curvy.

i am excited to explore why, for instance, it bothers me so much that a certain someone is in my world religions class. why does it bother me so much? i am not sure.

i think everyone in their heart of hearts ultimately wants to be recognized and appreciated. maybe i'm feeling the neglect of that from someone i always thought was a true friend. i guess i'll never be sure.

Anyway, i am excited to take a dive into my psyche. i think a lot. sometimes i don't know exactly what about-- but i think i have good thoughts. i don't always remember them because unfortunately i have a terrible memory- so ballroom and biscotti are going to help me overcome my memory loss through personal publishing. welcome to the world of remembering, self.

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