Monday, June 24, 2013

some random June bits

we hit the three month mark without Max.
those milestones don't get any easier.
i remember thinking at this point - i can't believe it's already been three months...and yet that it has only been three months. going to our place - his place - always brings so much peace. it is a heavy place to be, and yet i feel like it's ours and so i eerily love it too.

we celebrated father's day -
i think M missed our buddy a little extra today too. but man, we aer so grateful for these little loves who help fill in the gaps. 

in this picture ^^ Alice is wearing a dress that was mine when i was her age. i love sentimental crap like that.

in other news, Ellie and Alice started swim lessons with Morgan again! they were so brave. that makes me soooo happy!

 it's gonna be an awesome summer.

 and one last picture for good measure -- the girls standing in the light of the full-moon. it was so bright. i love these little sisters so much.


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