Sunday, July 21, 2013

M turns 30! wanna go to Pismo?

for months and months and months, M has been saying that all he wanted for his 30th birthday was to go up to the Redwood forest and camp there. so that's what we planned to do.

until like the week before when he and Alden and Dale started scheming. oh these boys and their scheming!! it involved four wheelers. and sand. and dirt bikes.

what is it with men and dirt bikes and oil and engines? it's like you give them all that crap and they turn all squirrely like they were when they were 7. or 12. it's nuts.

so all of a sudden the redwood forest idea got nixed and we were going to Pismo! they even found us girls and children a house! it sounded so magical!

until we got to the house. and the girls started running around. and i noticed their feet were dirty. no, not just dirty, caked in an inch of BLACK. black what, you ask? black FILTH. dirt! grime! disgustingness! oh, and did i was infested with hair. all kinds of hair. dog hair. body hair. head hair. and yes, PUBIC HAIR. UGH. it was memorable to say the least. and i can't help but type about it without laughing to myself. like, i am seriously in my chair cracking up! why on EARTH did we put up with that house? i'll never be sure. but it definitely gave us some hilarious memories worth reminiscing over for decades to come.

one of my favorite panorama pictures of all time....look at Alden in this picture! what happened to Alden??????

and how adorable is it that Alden brought M his birthday cake with candles to blow out?? these guys... so cute!!

in all seriousness, this guy really is the best. those girls are so lucky to call him daddy.

happy thirtieth freakin birthday, M!
we sure love you and hope you know it.


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Elyse Beard said...

I am LITERALLY laughing out loud right now. so much. remember how we have the most fun memories ever? and that house. omg. And yes, I am going to comment on all of your posts, just fyi. i'm that annoying