Thursday, July 25, 2013

the Beards move away.

our friends Elyse, Dale & Vivian are moving to NY to go to Cornell. it's too dumb to even talk about so i'm not going to. suffice it to say we're gonna miss the little jerks and so we threw them a party so they'd know it. 

i made my yummy lemon/cream cheese icing cake with blueberries. always a winner. 


my girls adore that cute Vivian- and loved the couple of extra times we got to have her over to play while they got everything packed up.

and for one last hurrah, some of us couples got together and went to San Francisco, where we ate like kings and queens (or at least rich people) and acted like them too. who knew that the Beards going to grad school would make us all act so fancy? it's a good thing they moved away for a while so we could pay off these bills. yeah. i don't even miss those jerks.

(these are the lies i tell myself to cope with how much it sucks when your friends move away).



 and AGAIN!!! those lil SNEAKS!

i really just wanna be mad but i can't so i'll go eat some ben & jerry's instead...because eating my feelings is all i really know how to do in the year 2013.


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Elyse Beard said...

oh gosh. stop with the posts already....i miss you guys! this was a fuuuuun night. remember how you made me listen to country and we all jammed out in your minivan? Definitely one of the best nights I've ever had.